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In the news today, I read about a politician wanting to consult astrologers with regard to where from he had to begin his campaign walk— from east, west, north or south. What astrology has got to do with the geographical directions astounds me when our earth is round. Astrology has come to stay as a part of daily life, another pastime or strategy.

My dad, bless his soul, used to be an avid follower of astrology. It was merely his curiosity to know about planets and their positions as far as they affect longevity and marital relations of the near and dear. Sometimes he used to challenge them like Don Quixote attacking the windmill - in case an adverse prediction came his way. His study was only to impress visitors how well he mastered the ancient knowledge, so late in his life as a retired doctor.

I used to have my own doubts about the effects of stars and planets on mundane life. I wondered whether victims of earthquakes and Tsunami would come under the same planetary influences. Other difficult questions I used ask my old man: For preparing horoscope charts why you take the planets, including sun and moon while not leaving alone the imaginary objects. In fact there will be million other objects in the sky right at the time when a birth takes place. He used to smile at my ignorance.

Ultimately I applied a cliched wisecrack for a clincher: a man with a rock missile in hand asks the soothsayer, whether he would use it to hit the soothsayer right away, later or never. Next I read in the newspapers about a highly educated man who committed suicide recently. It is said the man came to know from an astrologer that a fatal road accident was in store for him. It is a pity our man wished to prove the soothsayer right, one way or the other.

Indeed, faith makes things happen in some inexplicable ways. So are other mysterious human experiences like clairvoyance, serendipity, telepathy and sixth sense. But I consider them as manifestation of will. The power of attraction between persons and things manifests in miracles and it is no surprise being unreasonable and irrational. I am sure they would help increase our senses in a positive sense. On the other hand, occult or voodoo practices work for cross-purposes and in case they are real they victimize the practitioners themselves. Believing in us is the first protocol toward well-being.

All the seconds, minutes and hours and days are meant for our best use and there is nothing auspicious or otherwise about them. A coin has only two sides and there is no third dimension for anyone to predict, despite one is a pundit in astrology. Here, I give exception to magicians. Picking the auspicious hours and minutes will not augur well for the best deals. Only traffic should be given due consideration to proceed further, but not the inauspicious moments. A bad omen shouldn’t make a surgeon dither, when he is leaving for an emergency visit at a patient’s house.

In TV advertisements I see precious stones being sold in the name of their taking away evil effects on people who might have suffered due to evil eyes. Only the gullible would succumb to such cheap gimmicks.

Each of us is left with a lifespan that is equivalent to a micro moment in the cosmos. Our saga on earth is hardly mapped in the time frame of our endless universe, unless of course we have left our footprints like Neil Armstrong. All said, I read the daily horoscopes from mailboxes at yahoo and Gmail. They give different versions of what is in store for the day. I rely on the good parts predicted in my favor; strongly wishing away the bad portions while believing just because I have read them off, the same would not happen to me.

Finally, let no one care astrology or other sentiments, touch wood! (Did I say it?)


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Comment True. Packing good deeds and pleasant memories in that little span makes life worthwhile indeed, as wise people say.

30-Sep-2012 01:53 AM

Comment "Each of us is left with a lifespan that is equivalent to a micro moment in the cosmos." True words! ...as we sow, so we reap....using the intellect can help us conquer the mind and its weaknesses, evolve...

30-Sep-2012 01:20 AM

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