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Religions versus Individuals!

Every religion has two kinds of followers:

1. Who silently follow their religion as far as rituals are concerned; and live a spiritual life transcending their respective religions causing peace and harmony to fellow human-beings irrespective of their religion, nationality, language, richness, poverty, etc., They live and let live. They show compassion to all creation. Pray for well-being of all.

2. The other type who are the fundamentalists. They think their religion is only best and want to impose that on others and if they resist they even physically eliminate them even. they go to any extent to save their religion and its "teachings", always misinterpreting them. They have only hatred for other religion-people. This type of individuals exist in every religion and only these people who bring bad name to religions. Observing these people many intellectuals and rationalists blame religions for the the atrocities they commit in the name of the religion.

So only individuals are good or bad not religions; not languages; not ideologies; not gender; not nationalities; When first type of people dominate societies, nations peace and happiness prevail. If second type of people dominate, only terror, killings, torture, etc., prevail in the society. Religions, ideologies, nations, etc., clearly fail to influence this second type of people towards positive and harmonious path.

Only individuals in every religion who transcend their religious and etc., affiliations and work for the good of the humanity. Such individuals are available in every religion etc., The societies and nations are not making use of their services. Only virtue and evil exist among the human-beings of this planet. Let every one realize this before concluding.

One cannot wish away religions, ideologies, languages and geographies etc., divisions.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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