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Poetry is Fun

You know poetry is fun. You will ask, how, why? I'll tell you.

To be more specific Reading Poetry is Fun! And this reading should be, aloud. That is to say you must read a poem aloud. That doesn't mean you should shout! Just read it out aloud. Then you will discover how words interplay, how they create a 'noise' a movement - and more importantly how they rhyme.

Rhyme is rhythm. It creates a special effect on a poem. It contains music. A poem, then is 'musical'. You will think how does poetry relate to music? It does through rhyme and rhythm. Because of words, used in a particular way, a poem has a special note, and effect-like a song.

Again, like a song a poem has a very fluid movement. Like water, you can 'see' things and events in a poem, even people. So, always read aloud a poem. The more you read it in this manner, the more you will discover the beauty of a poem and the truth that it tells. Try doing this! Ask your teacher to help you in this effort. Or, first read it to your self and then read it aloud. You will enjoy the experience.

So, poetry is not only written; it is ' spoken ' as well. This we call recitation. Have you recited poems on the stage, in public?


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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