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Life: Predictably Unpredictable !!

First came to know about 'Banaful' (Pen name of the Bengali author Balaichand Mukhopadhyay) when I was in school..It was a collection of short stories written by him...That time, I could not understand the inner meaning of some of his stories...Giving an example hereby...

I forgot the name of that story..."It was all about a man, waiting for his train in station...He reached the station quite early...So, was getting bored how to timepass...Suddenly he noticed another man reading a book who was sitting next to him...The first man requested the second man for the book & assured him that he would return the book after 10-15 minutes...& started reading it...After reading first page, he found the story interesting... After reading few more pages, he found it irresistible...Time just flew...&...meanwhile, the train of the Second man arrived...When he asked the first man for the book, he was at the second last page...He requested the man to wait for a minute so that he can finish the story...The second man angrily stared at him...The first man came into the last page only to discover that, the last page is torn out...He returned the book to the Second man with must disgust...

After 10 years, this man (the first man) chanced upon the same book in one of his relative's house...He again started reading...The first page seemed so so...After reading a few pages, he thought himself 'How can one write such silly stuff?" After reading few more pages, he just could not read it anymore...& left the book midway..."

I could not understand the message of the story at that time, but, after several years, I can realize it many ways...When I was newly married, I used to be very much enthusiastic about sarees...Now, I hardly wear saree...I used to be crazy about ear-rings, when I was adolescent...Now, I hardly put on ear-rings...A few days back, 'Kuch kuch hota hain' (a popular Bollywood movie, which was released in 1998) was showing in the TV...I could not watch it for more than an hour...Though I can clearly remember, when it was released, I was just crazy for this movie & watched it repeatedly...

Life is so strange...predictably unpredictable!!


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