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The Milling Crowd of Metropolis

To be honest, as a person who has been living in one of the popular metropolis of India, I am really scared by the ever increasing population in the city and its suburbs. The rate is something unimaginable. Any place we go we see only crowds. The roads are so congested with vehicles and people and, in fact, it is difficult and dangerous to walk on any of the roads. The traffic is chaotic with speeding two and four wheelers with least contempt for the traffic discipline. Every morning, when we open the newspaper we find at least one death on the road due to traffic. 

Most of the residential areas have been converted into business places and so we find small eateries to big hotels, show rooms and petty pan shops to departmental stores keep appearing everyday in the locality. 

The pedestrian hardly find a thread of space to walk. The sides are occupied fully either by parked vehicles and small time vendors. Garbage is piled up every where and we find only overflowing bins which needs clearing always. 

The manpower in India is no way helpful and getting anything done quickly. Conversely, they hamper the fast movement in any place whether it is the billing counter of a departmental store or cash counters in a bank or an outpatient wing of any hospital. The malls are invariably abuzz with lazy lot who seem to wander aimlessly and most of them are youths. 

The cities have already started facing acute water and power shortage; but every individual house or building is demolished to be converted into multiple floor apartments or business houses. No rules seem to control them in this uncontrolled growth. Wonder where from they are going to provide electricity and water supply to these places. 

Any growth which is proper and linear alone will survive. Other massive leaps only mark dangerous trends. That is what is happening now. I will not be surprised if a day comes when one has to spend one hour to reach a place even by walk which is just a few meters from your place. 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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