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What is the Nature of Human Life in the World?

Nature of life is not the same for all men; human life varies from person to person. Many people feel life is a great struggle.  Victory makes some think life is a miracle. So, enquiry is essential to know the truth to clear all doubts and have confidence.


The Star studded night sky looks beautiful! The mystic clouds with the majestic Moon make the sky a divine place to dream about!  Lonesome souls once see the divine view soon forget they their worries for a while!

Winter Night

When the whole town sleeps deeply under the spell of the cold winter night I have certain poetic lines to compose before I go to sleep with sweet dreams!

Looking high above the wide open sky
I feel like communing with heaven long!
Moon shining thro’ the transparent clouds
And Stars twinkling bright in the night Sky
I long to muse over heaven in the Universe.
But the gurgling noise of the frogs in the field
And the shivering cats hurrying for the mates
Make me brood over human life in the world.

Life in Universe

Is there any life anywhere in the Universe?  A big question is still being explored by man.  But in the human world there is no fixed life and is no change in the birth and death.  As the Universe world life is a great mystery.  In circle birth, life and death continues; and in cycles death after life, vice verso goes on!  The time between life and death man lives life; thoughts go as slave of life and life fool of time!


Great geniuses express life thoughts in literature. Men comment or criticize as to their experiences.  “Is human life a great mystery?” lingers a question. Varying views of men may give some clue perhaps!

One says: human life is a great drama!
Another one: it’s a dream rounded off with a sleep!
Another one: it is a tale told by an idiot!
Another one: it’s a journey sans a destiny!
And anther one: it is not a bed of roses!

Some live a life of achievement to get honour;
Some live a life of isolation relinquishing all.

Some like indolent way of life;
Some like tolerant way of life;
Some like intellectual type of life;
Some like spiritual type of life;
Some like sentimental type of life;
And some like simple type of life!

Dreams, Ideas and Realities
There is so much longing for living life in this land of love and life called Earth!  With the sky above and the land below man lives lifelong in between the two. Between dream and reality, man swings to and fro throughout his life here. What was a great dream yesterday has become a reality today by his ideas!

One with God

As a boat tossed about up and down
On the waves of the seas of the world
Man is tossed about by joys and sorrows
Of his desire in the several births of his life.
All the rivers finally have to run to the seas;
From there it is the water that rises above
As clouds and falls below again as rain;
And it is the same water that reaches
The seas as rivers to mingle with the ocean.

So also the soul of finite man after many a birth
Mingles with the Universal soul of infinite God.
There is no other go but to believe this faith!
Otherwise life will be a meaningless mystery.

Ultimate Reality

For the naked eye Sun looks to rise and fall but in reality Earth rotates round it to show so. The reality of the world seen by ordinary eye is really the illusion for the inward eye of man! So, to see the Ultimate Reality man has to see beyond the illusion ever before him in the world.

The love to know kindles man to gain knowledge; knowledge of Ultimate Reality brings joy and peace.  Nothing but love and knowledge is permanent in life; living with knowledge of life is pleasure absolute. Steady life goes on love and knowledge forever.  But wavy heart’s desire puts man in waves of woes; and so, fate and fortune fluctuates in life till the end!

Unruly desire of heart has to be checked by mind before it is too late to realise one’s Self one day. It is better to discover sooner Self, man and Nature to synch heart and mind as to desire one deserves and fluctuations of fate and fortune fructify to fruits!


Seed grows into tree with leaves, flowers and fruits. What a sea change of growth between seed and tree!  So also Universe, world, Nature and man have evolved. Indeed what an incredible eternal truth wonder it is! Nothing is permanent in the process of natural change. But only the indestructible spirit activates everything and its formless energy that produces all is permanent. That is truly the Ultimate Reality absolute and realizable!

Principle of Nature

Perpetuation of species is the principle of Nature so far. Nature of human being also obeys to this Nature’s rule.  Attaining human form it’s easy to become formless unity. But efforts in things of permanence only lead to perfection.  So, things of permanent value alone man has to think of by beauty, truth, love and justice, the best things of life.

Unique Human Life

What is justice? We have Republic and Gita.
What is love? Literature is abundant of it.
What is beauty? It is still evasive in art.
What is truth? A noble pursuit still goes on.
Beauty is evasive but love is stable.
Justice is non-aligned but truth is forever.
Nature of human life is unique to thing about!


More by :  T. A. Ramesh

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