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I can understand the late Bal Thackeray having a large following in Mumbai and the rest of  the country including of course political parties like the BJP. I can also understand his unstinted support for a country based on a premise of religious ideology. Many believe in it. I or many others may not support it, but it is at least based on the notion of one country, although with more than pronounced rightist slant. Still, I will not quarrel, or quibble, as at least the notion of a country is upheld, although obviously it runs counter to the principles of secularism, which is upheld by the sacrosanct ideals of a Constitution. But who cares, we always had and will continue to have iconoclasts. So fair enough to the late Mr Thackeray.
But what I fail to understand is why there should be anger after his demise, this had been apprehended as harped upon by our inimitable national media? Why should there be lawlessness after a natural death? What kind of a brute strength of power is this? Why should there be lawlessness after his death? On what principles of  'cracy' were his party founded? Surely not mobocracy? Would not his followers chosen a path of tribute or respect? But apparently based on some reports the city of Mumbai experienced not so pleasant sights. If a leader exudes more fear than respect, then there is something abjectly wrong with both followers and followed.
Secondly a glance at his life shows that he led movements against Gujaratis, South Indians, North Indians and recently supported the anti Bihari stance taken up by die hards of populism in his state. This is the problem I have. How can one person uphold the concept of a nation or rashtra, and at the same time speak on behalf of a separate Marathi identity, based on animosity against particular identities? This is  all garbled and certainly not the work of a rationalist. Which then is more important: the Hindu nation, or the nation state of a particular region of the country? This is to me is thinking, which is confounded, and not in consonance with the concept of  an Indian identity. So it is all the more intriguing why he got the support of national organizations, or political parties. And, then we blame the people of North East India of being anti Indian, when people who matter, in the heartland of the country, in India's most industrialized belt fire tongs and hammer against the disputatious mainland?

Power even political power does not come out of the barrels of a gun or on flimsy and specious grounds of hatred. There may be support, but this not exemplication of  any power.

I accept the support he had, but I do not think he had any power. Power cannot instigate fear, fear of reprisal of a leader's death, which is not murder or an outcome of state repression and killing.

This is the angst of India, silent workers go totally unnoticed, relegated to anaemic obituary pieces, megalomaniacs go down in the annals of history, thanks to a vibrant but ostentatious media.



More by :  Ananya S Guha

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