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Childhood Remembered

Childhood is the phase that always remembered inspite of age, distances and roads one has travelled through. Whenever an old aged thinks over his whole life that he/she has spent on, it's definite that childhood strikes first and takes back to the times immemorial. A phase that always be revived as the person approaches his/her maturing age. People often get maniac about their childhood days especially when they see children playing or doing some other activity, enhancing cravings for the same phase repeated again. The hunger to live that phase of freedom and elation leads to the fiendic larks.

The people who live in their childhood days leads to better outputs to put in every act performed.  Childhood, the most perplexing juncture is to be intrigued time to time as life in today's world is too much complicated and stressful that one must have to be striked back to the times of peace and mitigation.

Everyone is suggested to spend leisure hours with the kids below ten years of age and conversating about them only getting involved fully in their world of unlimited joy and felicity which they always live in. There is a child lives in everyone who longs to get out often with some crazy acts that happen by themselves or driven by compulsive forces which  are unavoidable sometimes.

The whole is summarised as to live childhood days again in our acts, in awaking, in sleeping, in doing crazy chores, in laughing, in shouting, in making faces and doing mistakes deliberately.

So, lets join hands to celebrate those lovely moments once again


More by :  Neetu Khatri Kajal

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