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Homosexuality and Marriage

The fundamental question we need to answer is, whether sex is a purely recreational activity and should that be considered its sole purpose? The obvious answer is, it may be recreational for some people at all times and all people at sometime, but not for all people at all times. In fact it was creational, before it became recreational. Sex is costlier than binary fission and probably evolved as a defense in an arms race against parasites or as a method of improving the accuracy of copying the longer genetic code of multi-cellular eukaryotes correctly during reproduction. Evolution has gone to great lengths to develop organs and enticements to lure pollen carriers, so that plant fertilization can occur. Specific and mutually well fitting organs have evolved to facilitate heterosexual conjugation. The urge for mating is so strong that even the risk of death does not inhibit it. Neural connections have added the feeling of orgasmic
pleasure to increase the desire for mating.

Some members of some species at some times indulge in overt partially homosexual behavior, but even then, it is more of an acknowledgement of a lower status or subjugation and not a completed sex act. Persistent and exclusive homosexual behavior is seen only in humans and is evolutionarily, a self-defeating dead end. If a man invariably inserted his penis and ejaculated in a woman's ear in every sexual encounter, would we not label it as aberrant sexual behavior, even if they were married and consenting adults? Homosexual behavior should be labeled as aberrant. If a human being took all feedings via an enema or indulged in coprophagia, would we not call it aberrant behavior?

It is not my intent to penalize or criminalize it, but it would be wrong to give it the privileged status of normality. I am not a moralist and have no faith in any religion or god. Homosexuals do not deserve hate, but need help. They should be left alone and to their own devices, if they so desire, but cannot claim the same status as normal behavior. It is an irony that some school boards have shown imbecility to the extent of denying the use of their facilities to boy scouts for their exclusion of homosexuals. This is like denying the benefits of the GI bill to those veterans who did not take along their colleagues with dishonorable discharges to a dance or outing. Nevertheless, it is the choice of any society to accord legal status or even privilege to any human behavior.

It is imperative for the Katha Politts to realize that gender evolved after the historical accident of the Margulis merger when one organism swallowed another (chloroplasts and mitochondria were ingested and now live in symbiosis as separate intracellular organelles, the latter with a separate genome), This led to summarily discriminatory organelle extinction of the father with retention of the mother's mitochondria. This managed to evolve more complex life and was essential for the survival of our species and the bonding between man and woman. Out of the historic status of this relationship was born the legal status of marriage. Its main purpose is to ensure a privileged status for the two partners and their progeny in civil, criminal and property matters, a primary concern for the founding fathers of this republic. The choices are to give homosexual relations a similar legal status like civil unions, the same platform as marriage or deny it any such benefits. There is legal precedent for all of the three choices and while I am willing to accept any of them but clearly homosexuality is neither natural, nor normal as either a preferential or exclusive sex practice. It definitely needs to be decriminalized and has been.

It is the zeal of members of the legislature, executive and judiciary branches in a sudden reversal from pallbearers of this coffin to palanquin bearers of this aberrant lifestyle to enthrone it, that bothers me. It is certainly not based on guilt, pangs of conscience, enlightenment or crusade for justice. It is completely devoid of any open discussion, biology, psychology or jurisprudence input and will be left to the whims and biases of a few un-elected elderly partisans without any understanding of two of the three fields mentioned above. The real reason for this conversion is fad and current mores and brings me to a quote of Proust. 'Society is like sex in that no one knows what perversions it can develop once aesthetic considerations are allowed to dictate its choices.'    


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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