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Intellectuals - The Manifestations of Divinity

Intellectuals cannot but react to happenings in the society and world. None invites them to give their opinion on various things and events. They do it naturally as cuckoo sings, stream flows, ocean roars, water-fall jumps down, cloud bursts, flower blooms, beloved inspires and takes care, peacock dances, the spiritual glows, poet composes verses and Divinity blesses. Most of the intellectuals are sage-like. they are seers benefiting society with their intellect and compassion and will to help society and nation. They guide and counsel the society. They have to be objective in their analysis.

Unfortunately now-a-days majority of intellectuals in the form of writers, poets, journalists, ideology experts are wedded to this or that ideology, religion, cause, fanaticism, and express themselves biased. Such pronouncements will not be useful to the society.

Just as nature benefits all creation sans preferences or bias, intellectuals must express for the benefit of whole society and just not to this or that caste, creed, community, region, religion, ideology, and mix the subjective and objective views healthily for welfare of all society. Intellectuals are manifestations of Divinity took birth to help society selflessly.

Intellectuals have a huge responsibility and they must use their intellect, the gift of nature, for the well-being of all people.

A society languishes in the absence compassionate intellectuals in the society and presence of "ideologically committed" and biased intellectuals. Ideologically useful intellectuals are use to the society; ideologically superstitious intellectuals blind to welfare to all are a burden, curse and nuisance to the society and nation. Intellectuals are air and water to the sustenance of the society. They are manifestations of Divinity. Unbiased intellectuals who mix subjectivity and objectivity in expressing themselves for the benefit of the society are a boon to society and the intellectuals use their intellect to divide and cause disturbance in the society are bane and curse to the society and nation.

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side!


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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