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Vasu’s Wooing Words

An excerpt from Crossing the Mirage by BS Murthy 

Nithya Near,

You’ve every right to know why I crave for you more than ever before. And I owe you an explanation for wanting you in spite of your indifference.

My darling, you’re the triumph as well as the tragedy of my life. You know about the joys you have had bestowed upon me, but you’re not aware of the deprivations I have brought upon myself. I never wanted to lose you, but neither would I blame you for having left me. It was life itself that played the spoilsport. How it failed us both to misread our priorities!

I don’t know how happy you are. And I wish you are in real bliss. But know I’ve been living in misery ever since you walked out on me. You may think I’m feigning unhappiness, being in the seventh heaven with a superb wife. I don’t blame you if you feel so, for after all, that’s what I thought life would be for me with Prema. If not for that hope, I would’ve never lost you at all, my sense of insecurity notwithstanding.

To be fair to her, Prema is a faithful wife. Fidelity is fine for a pativrata, but man needs something more substantial than that for married bliss. And who can appreciate that better than you, being an amorous woman yourself? As luck would’ve it, Prema is languid in bed, and goes through the motions as if in obligation. Can’t you appreciate my predicament, what with my passion nursed in our tempestuous union? Pinning my thoughts on your sensuous memories, I’ve been pining for you ever since. I’d come back immediately after my marriage to beg for your forgiveness and to take you with me. But then, I had to leave in distress having learned that you were married by then.
Condemned by fate and burdened by life, I was just pulling on till we met so fortuitously all again. Now, I feel I’m better off, relatively, that is, for I’ve a goal to reach and hope to nourish. I know it’s unfair on my part to bother you now but don’t I owe something to me as well? Don’t I have a right to be happy? 

What can I do when my happiness depends entirely upon your consideration? So, in spite of my resolve not to disturb you, I’ve approached you but sadly, though rightly, you’d reproached me. You may know either I can lift my soul in your loving lap or let my frame slide into the embrace of distress. But I also know you would be averse to give yourself to me. And that’s the paradox of my life! Oh, is it a crime to want to live? I beg for a chance to win you back with my passion and devotion. If not, at least admit me into your society so that life becomes a little easy for me. That way our association might mitigate the bitterness of your past as well. Let’s be friends and leave the rest to the feelings of our hearts. I hope you won’t dismiss this as an absurd proposal.

I love you with all my heart and soul, and if it makes any difference to you, I consider myself blessed still. 

Ever yours,
Vasu Dear  


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