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Adieu Whitney, Till we Sing Again.

Never could tell half the lyrics (those were not the days of instant Googling nirvana), was woefully wrong in much of what I could decipher.... yet regardless would keep on singing it the whole day long till mother could take it no more and threaten to hire an assassin, or call father (whosoever would do the job of shutting me up!!).

And the whole fed-up to the gills neighbourhood would know that a sixteen year old and positively insane was trying to sing something otherwise incomprehensible but nevertheless ending with a high pitched......Saving All my Love for you.

Whitney Houston had arrived in my life with an explosion with her incredible 1985 Grammy winning debut with this timeless piece of magic. And then much later would get introduced to another classic from her, One Moment in Time which to this day each time I hear it, never fails to bring in a tear or two.....

And then one day she died. Of drugs, of depression, but more than anything else I suppose of loneliness... when the only person left, refuses to love you anymore- yourself.

Thank you, Whitney, for teaching me a part of what good music is all about.   


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