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The Unattended Many of us share success stories on the social networking sites. We glorify them with many superlatives. We pour all our admiration and adoration on such individuals' success and share it with all our might. But I am always reminded of the unsuccessful individuals who are not able to get detected by our radars.

Many scholars, philosophers, especially like Sri Jiddu Krishnamurty, always talk about the stark realities of life and say encouraging words.

Such culture and philosophical support is lacking in the society now. Every one is encouraged to take part in the rat race and who cannot or unable to join is made to feel wretched and lost. There is no psychological support to the failed individuals. No one talks about the unfortunate lot. But this unfortunate lot form abound 80 to 90 per cent of our society. There is no succor to these other wise meritorious people, who can revive themselves with some external psychological support.

Now a days 90 percent of the engineering graduates and many other degree and certificate holders are a confused, distressed and unsuccessful lot with full unemployment.

Ancient Indian and other literary, spiritual, philosophical, psychological compositions, epics, Panchatantra and Jataka tales and other texts have a lot of consolation and advisory ideas, insight, thoughts,stories and incidents which will rejuvenate and and enliven the spirit and show light at the end of the tunnel. But many individuals do not even know that such useful information is available in them. Many pseudo intellectuals, scholars and philosophers; economists, financial experts are roaming wildly and are able to influence everyone extolling them to earn money through business.

If every one does only business, how about other ways of living and occupations which will be attractive and absorbing to many? Their brain storming of the individuals with careless and irresponsible Occidental thoughts, ideas and images and dis-allowance by these gentlemen of school children and other youngsters and adults to go through the ancient Indian expressions is deteriorating the situation further. This is a greatest crime by these intellectuals against the nation, society and fellow humans. No school is effectively inculcating human traits and relations and bonds and aesthetic learning. Introducing and making kids interact with gadgets more and less with fellow kith and kin and other near and dear is further pathetic. Only money earning ways and culture are inculcated.

Parents are also not averse to this insufficiency. But there is no choice. Every one has to do business, be a financial expert, an economist or a tax expert or auditor or accountant. Other professions are looked down or they are not making one earn enough in these days when education, health care and spiritual counseling too have become very ugly businesses. Individuals must be informed about the information available in various Indian texts which motivate even miserably failed individuals during the course of their lives and living. Wish such counseling is also provided to the "unsuccessful" individuals through education process and after too. Motivating every one only to do business has something cynical and unpleasant in spirit. Let the society also take care and pat the unsuccessful lot and be together with the not so successful individuals too.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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