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The Obstacles for Emotional Integration

of Indians!

The Telangaana Rashtra Samithi is becoming another Siva Sena. Even Siva Sena is confined to Mumbai for its "fight" But the TRS is trying to permanently create problems between "states" for its political survival.

And all political parties have pampered Siva Sena despite its selected and wrong and anti-national regional chauvinism. The same thing may happen in case of the TRS. All parties are wooing it for alliances.

Especially the BJP despite being a national party and a nationalist party is in alliance with Siva Sena for many years now and supported Siva Sena's regional chauvinism unabashed and unashamed by being hand in glove with that chauvinist party.

Unless regionalism of all kinds is not nipped in its bud state at least now by controlling earlier outfits and not allowing fresh chauvinism to dangerously grow and defeat the very idea of Indian nation there is no meaning of India as a nation.

Sub-nationality of all hues and kinds already made regional kings and queens whose sole aim seems to become prime minister with their meager seats and disuniting regional chauvinism.

No political party is having a standard and strong national policy. All are pampering regional outfits to get their support after elections. Every political party and every citizen must note that economic progress is only a part of the development. That, even though under present circumstances appears the sole aim, the simultaneous cultural, national, emotional, intellectual, scientific and other fine-artistic progress is also equally necessary together with a firm and committed ideology, both in political and economic sense.

One should not think that the other aspects are now unnecessary. Such people must take lessons from the mass failure of communism and socialism in all former communist and socialist countries. In India the communism is reduced  repeating like parrot the technical terms of communist ideology and blame every one for lack of proper ideological preferences and the socialism of Ram Manohar Lohia is reduced to becoming the Yadavs of north Mulayam and Lalu, and Behen, leaders and perpetuate dynasty and corrupt politics in party and government.

And practice of caste, fundamentalist, and regionalism politics in dividing Indian on caste and regional lines as religious lines and the ideology disappearing completely from their words and acts. To this are added all other caste-based and the like  divisors of Indians and sub-nationality  chauvinist leaders they too practicing only dynasty politics and amass money in all possible ways and have complete grip of their political parties like corporate big-wigs on their companies.  

With all these vested interests being active 24 hours, 7 weeks and 365 days politically and otherwise it became very difficult for intellectuals to unite Indians emotionally and keep peace and harmony in the society and nation. Hope the actual voters are also aware of these essential and important aspects when voting in addition to getting lured by caste, region, religion, sub-nationality, money and liquor.

All the best for us.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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