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On a Sunny Day

I looked to the east. The sun seemed bright. I like sunny days. And I thank God for them because it's not every day, that the clouds set the sun free. At least, not in Bangalore.

Sitting in my balcony, I made a resolution. Henceforth, I shall talk less. If I do talk, I shall talk nothing that I would regret later. I shall think before I talk. In short, I shall talk sensibly.

My ten year old daughter's Hindi text book has a poem which points out the value of words. I managed to explain and convince her how right the poet was. Yet, even after decades of living and talking, how little of it did I put into practice! But I find it easier to take care, while writing. Is it because the hand holding the pen has more time and facilities to arrive at the right word. Together, the head and the hand ensure that the foot is not put in the mouth! On the other hand, while talking, when the head indicates the right time, the right word seems elusive or vice versa. Do the distracting sounds and sights have anything to do with this?

I feel better after writing all this. This is the aftermath of last night's discussion that I had with a group of friends. I regret my talking too much, rather flippantly, a little unnecessarily' No way now to bring the spoken words back. They were heard for good.

Well, look at the brighter side of things, as my optimist husband would say. But for last night's talking, nothing would have changed my routine life. I would not have gone out to sit and brood, basking in the sun's glory, leaving my household chores aside to introspect a little. But for last night's talking, I would not have tried expressing myself in writing. An achievement in itself, after a long time!


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