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Learning from Superheroes

In my childhood I always dreamt of being a Superhero. Their charismatic robes , costumes , special powers and cosmic abilities were all fascinating. While I was going through the character analysis of all the Marvel series I thought of sharing this with you all, its meaningful and its sense. There is a lot to learn from Superheroes, they teach us a lot:

'Confidence' and 'fearlessness' should be like 'Superman'. He believes in his power and knows what he can do.

'Professionalism' and 'balance' should be like 'Spiderman', he keeps his personal and professional life separate and manages leaping over from building to building carefully.
'Humbleness' and 'ego' should be like 'Batman', his revenge gets him going, being so robust and rich he doesn't show a tinge of satisfaction or attitude. He is down to earth and mature.
'Leadership' and 'patience' should be like 'Captain America', he is passionate about whatever he does, specially his country and the army ,thinks wisely and quietly before action.
'Wit' and 'intelligence' should be like 'Iron-Man', he can make you laugh even in the most dreadful time, can rescue you from the frowning volcano and would call it a teddy bear factory.
'Power' and 'anger' should be like 'Hulk', when he is angry none can stop him, can’t even dare, his enemies don’t fear his power , they fear his anger.
'Imagination' and 'creativity' should be like 'Green Lantern', his only strength lies in imagination and creative thinking.
'Perseverance' and 'tenacity' should be like 'The Terminator', come what may he'll never stop till he is malfunctioned or completely destroyed. His objective is the only motto he lives for.
'Specialty' should be like the 'X-Men', they teach you that if you are not different you are boring.
'Unity' should be like 'The Fantastic Four', they finish every mission together with joint efforts and camaraderie.
'Knowledge' and 'swiftness' must be like 'Krrish', he can finish 10 bibles within 10 minutes last but not the least.
'Entertainment' should be like 'Shaktimaan', his moves and fight sequences, above all 'Choti Choti magar Motee Baatein' are unmatchable ;)
Human mind is too governed by the costumes, action and special powers of all the superheroes, perhaps there is a lot more to learn from them. They teach us a lot. Fantasy can never rise beyond Morality.

After reading this ask yourself which superhero are you! ,

After all hum mein hai 'hero'

Hope you like it :)


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Comment Truly relatable.
Thank you for sharing this. It's true that we do have super powers within us.

04-Jun-2020 15:10 PM

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