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Aryans, Chauvinistic Lies and Strategic Befuddling of Truth

The strategic befuddling of truth is the latest weapon in the refined evolution of electoral maneuvers to get an ignorant populace to vote against their interests to accomplish the rule of a conspiratorial oligarchy, subservient to and dedicated to the perpetuation of the rule and benefit of the wealthy to whom they are beholden to for the financing of their elections to make possible their illegitimate and obsessive greed and lust for power and privilege. In America, this leads to inflamed rhetoric to enlist the uneducated masses to vote Republican against their economic interests as a protest against the Democrats, who are maligned as having sold out to abortion, gay rights, undeserved privileges for minorities and Hollywood deviants. The best documentation of this strategy is given in detail by a best seller, "What is the matter with Kansas". In India, it is manifested by revisionist lies like the indigenous origin of Aryans, Babar's mosque built atop a Hindu shrine, and other jingoistic lies like the Taj Mahal and the Qutb Minar were Hindu monuments metamorphosed into Muslim structures like the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, for which there is genuinely documented historic proof unlike the ridiculous claims of Indian Hindu extremist fabrications. Both American and Indian strategies are meant for advantage in elections as the lying Swift Boat Veterans used successfully against Kerry and recently disastrously against the AARP to justify gutting of Social Security and safety net programs of FDR that benefit the poor and the old. Unfortunately both the Democrats and Republicans have sold out to vested interests and offer little hope of any salvation for the common citizen. The first tout the goal of batting for the have-nots and the second for restoration of moral values without any attempt or success in delivering their promised agendas. In India Congress mono-tonally harps on the slogan of "Garibi Hatao" and the BJP on resurgence of a "Hindu Ramrajya" with the same boring lies without the intention to deliver or even move along the path of their slogans. Thus everywhere politicians are the fragrant viands that we imbibe out of gullibility, desire and need for survival, that ends up as excreta with time, without the benefit of providing nutrition for survival, that fragrant food at least delivers.

There is little doubt that the British archeologists who explored the Mohen Jo Daro, Harappan and Aryan settlements with their pre-conceived racial bias, propounded the theory of the light-skinned warrior Aryans triumphing valiantly over their dark-skinned Dravidian opponents. These were imaginary lies unsubstantiated by any clear evidence. The reality has shown that they intermingled culturally, sexually and socially and adopted and modified their way of life by accepting agriculture into their nomadic and pastoral ways and even put the local god "Pashupati" at the top of their pantheon as Mahadeva. This Shaivic preference still persists in Maharashtra with emphasis on Ganesha and Kumara in the further south. The Dravidian civilization was superior in their civic system with planned cities including a drainage system and communal water reservoirs, the latter adapted even at modern mandirs of the north and the drainage and sewage unfortunately still lacking in much of India even now in modern times. Furthermore the Dravidian civilization had a written script still un-deciphered, while the Aryans persisted with oral transmission for over a millennium, despite contact with the superior Dravidian civilization. The ability to discern the truth and see beyond the bad to the good is a sorry fault of chauvinism. Lord Curzon, who was a quintessential racist and the architect of the Bengal partition that still haunts us today, was the prime preserver and restorer of our ancient monuments that are still neglected and in disrepair as the lack of adequate clean toilet facilities prevalent even today, proves. The beauty of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism is in their open-mindedness, non-violence and renunciation that led to a peaceful civilization, but also open to conquest and colonization due to rejection of reality for "Mithya" and progress for "Sthitpragnaism". The uncharitable exploitation of the British brought us a modern education system and English which is our greatest current asset in a competitive globalized economy.

There is no doubt that the Aryans and Dravidians together formed a civilization that refined Sanskrit and Tamil, the former as one of the most elegant of Indo-European languages, vouched for by detractors like Sir William Jones and Monier Williams. The invention of the decimal system, trigonometry (by the Kerala mathematicians) and the philosophy of the Upanishadas (that enamored Schopenhauer), the Panchtantra stories, the Arthashastra of Chanakya, the ethics of Bhartruhari Shatak and the literature of Kalidasa, are remarkable achievements, far advanced for their time though paling in concrete rewards of advancement due to the works of Newton, Maxwell, Darwin or Einstein. Thus clinging to past glories without internalizing modern knowledge, facts and realities is a suicidal path destined for a secondary status as current British nostalgia for empire and leads to becoming America's poodle.

There is incontrovertible evidence that a great flood displaced the peoples living on the shores of the Black Sea, then a freshwater lake, approximately 7500 years ago. The displaced persons migrated north and west to Europe and South and east to Mesopotamia. Their oral histories carried the stories of the Great Flood. The earliest myth is of the Sumerians and became part of the Old Testament of the Bible. Interestingly the same story of the flood is incorporated in the Hindu myth of Manu from which derive the English words man and manual and mano in Italian meaning hand. The Manu story of the great flood is closest in details to the Sumerian one, suggesting a common origin. There are still extant Hittite records of a peace treaty signed by the Mitanni kingdom located in present Syria, around 1700 BCE, that swear by Indra, Varuna and the Nastutyas (Ashwinikumaras). The Mitanni kingdom's capital was "Vasukhanni" (Vasu-rich and Khanni'earth; Sansakrit Khani-ja or born from the earth meaning minerals). The horse-training treatise of a Mitanni describes techniques and horse colors. (Rudra meaning red like rubro in Latin; Palit meaning pale just as in the English word; Babru meaning brown). The emphasis on horses comes from an Ukrainian civilization on the Black Sea described by Maria Giambutas as "Kurgan", that first domesticated the horse. The irregular Sanskrit verbs that match "be" and "eat" are irregular in all Indo-European languages and of common origin. The remarkable commonality of words in the Indo-European languages first remarked upon by Sir William Jones and obvious in the words "mother, father, brother, daughter to Matru, pitru, bhratru and dohitru in Sanskrit, points to their common origin. There is no documented evidence of a westward migration of Indians, but good evidence of a western, northern and southeastern migration from around the Black Sea. The emphasis on horses as in the "Ashwamedha" yagna and cows is on the basis of their military and economic potentials in the ancient world (The second intermediate dark period in Egyptian history was caused by the invincible invasion by horse mounted Asiatic invaders). The myths, language and culture of the Aryans puts their origin around the Black Sea and an interlude in Mesopotamia before their southeastern migration after the demise of the Mitanni kingdom. This explains the common origin of the Iranians and Indians even to their concepts of the Devas and Asuras, though there was a reversal in their characters with Zoroaster and the Parsees calling the Asuras good and the Devas evil. The Sumerian myth further emphasizes the role of the seven sages who brought civilization after the flood and matches the importance of the Sapta Rishis and their prime importance to the extent that they were revered and feared by the gods. Thus the Indian name for the Great Bear constellation in the sky is Sapta-rishi or seven sages. Even the gods and demons are the children of the Rishi Kashyapa from his spouses Aditi and Diti. The prime son of Aditi is Aditya or the Sun, to whom the most important Gayatri Mantra, a secret chant of the Brahmins is addressed.

It is this appeal to religion to demonize minorities and to make the majority to vote against their own economic interests that is the common theme between American Republicans and Indian BJP ultra-right. It is the betrayal of principles and sloganeering without substance that is the hallmark of Democrats and the Indian Congress. The mouthing of populist platitudes without any intention to act on promises and policies is what characterizes the American Democrats and the Indian Congress. It is also the gullible, ignorant, uneducated and ill-informed electorate of both countries with a partisan politicized and beholden to special interests press, that drives the final coffin nail into the world's largest so-called democracies. 


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