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Indian Intellectuals and Indian Democracy

I today read an article in a leading national news paper distinguishing between physical and emotional violence caused to the citizens. The reckless way Hindus and Hindu religion are attacked by so called rationalists and "intellectuals" comes under emotional violence. Any religion or ideology has inadequacies. When we daily find many inadequacies in other religions and ideologies, why tthe intellectuals are concerned only with Hinduism is hard to understand. It only the trait of tolerance of Hindus that is responsible for their keepig quiet under most provocating utterances and actions by all Indian rationalists with impunity, against their faith aas of it the only one to be pointed out and reformed.

Enough of onslaughts and tolerance. Let everyone have commonsense and are awake to every prejudice and fundamentalism. Such awareness and study alone helps. Partial concern and biased actions will be of no help or use to society as a whole.


Oil prices at 5-year low! They dropped more than 55%. Why this drop is not reflected in oil prices in India? What is the reason?


It is a bane to India that the nation is always in election mood and mode. Every six months elections are to be held in state or union territory or local body. The attention of the rulers, leaders, government employees and citizens is divided, diverted and distracted from governance. A remedy has to be worked out for this situation. At least elections to parliament and state legislatures must take place simultaneously. Else lot of money, time and energy of all is wasted in the incessant conduct of elections every six months here or there with associated expenditure and campaigning.

Let the concerned give their attention to this malady.


What a hypocrisy and double standards of most Indian " intellectuals ", press- men, journalists and commentators of all media?

Every one of them condemns Paris massacre. Even some found the magazine excessively liberal and advised the magazine to limit its criticism and almost supported the terrorists for their massacre as the criticismist have hurt their religious sentiments.

The same intellectuals and media persons and commentators advise restraint and tolerance towards very shabby depiction of Hindu God in a movie and call for respecting freedom of speech and expression for the actor, director and producer.

Why should we call them intellectuals or journalists when they do not have any objectivity in their attitude, mental make-up, reporting or comments?


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Dr. Ramabrahmam :Thanks for the article which echoes the sentiment of most Hindus about the opportunist, pseudo secularists of India.
Best medicine for those anti-HIndu secularists will be to send them to Pakistan or any Muslim country to find out for themselves how good the minorities got it in Hindustan.
Most of the journalists and intellectuals are on payrolls of foreign countries to advocate anti-HIndu propaganda.

Buddha D.Rudra
18-Jan-2015 13:46 PM

Comment Very ture :

''Why should we call them intellectuals or journalists when they do not have any objectivity in their attitude, mental make-up, reporting or comments?''

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
16-Jan-2015 01:38 AM

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