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Love and Youth

Love and youth has abysmal connection. Every coin has two aspects and I am depicting one of it. People tend to develop the sense of affection towards opposite gender at an early age. Being in relation with someone is easy, gaining trust in return of love is facile but maintaining the same warmth, coziness, divinity and magic throughout our lives is effortful. I have no experience in love, but seeing others around, I have learned a lot about all the do’s and don’ts in a relation. 
Many of my friends seek for “time pass” experience and expects others to look for the same. Frankly, I never got this concept. What? You see a person, fall for looks and then chase that individual for weeks or months and when finally you acquire attention, love and trust, you say “Come on! You were serious? I was just kidding around” Funny? I don’t think so.

I am not criticizing the desire to be in love a youth crave, but the act. These kinds of incidents are factual and I’ve seen them myself. May be I’m orthodox, but definition of love for conventional and so called modern people is same. They covet for love, live for it and die. It is much more meaningful then just being a game.

Talking of love makes me recall a beautiful line once said by Shakespeare in "As you like it",  “The sight of lovers feedeth those in love” It has a simple but deep meaning. It's beautiful in its simplicity. When you're happy, do you notice that someone smiling makes you smile back? The sun is shining brighter. Shakespeare puts that in terms of love. Lovers are so enraptured that they see others in love and feel their love swell.

My point is that, people should be more enlightened than just dangling around with something which doesn’t have scope. Either you are in love or you don’t. I can see many perplexed fools around who can’t be certain about their own feelings. Let alone their carrier and life.

And now condition of love between youth reminds me of only one line “I would rather hear a dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me”. Sick it is!


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