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A De-Liberate Choice

There is no doubt that the exclusion of America and voting in of Sudan on the UN panel, constitutes the ultimate mockery of human rights. There is considerable freedom here, as compared to most nations of the world. We definitely belong on the narcotics committee. We are tremendously concerned about their use and spend huge manpower and monetary resources to deter their spreading use. Darn it, as true capitalists, we must have a say and seat on the panel, for we are the biggest consumers! Are we not on the international coffee and cocoa boards for the same reason? What right do a bunch of never-do-wells have to use a secret ballot to oust us? Do they believe that institutions should be run on the democratic principle of one country, one vote? To them we say, like any Chinese emperor, "kowtow, tremble and obey" or "off with their head or at least their purse". 

Damn this Tocquevillean trash of the tyranny of the majority. It is true that we are delinquent in our dues and ignore the babble of the rabble. We delay appointing our envoy and are disdainful about consulting and developing a consensus. So what is wrong in believing, he who pays the piper calls the tune? We solemnly practice this preaching in the hallowed halls of all our houses, be they ordinary, judicial, representative, senatorial or White. We have deliberately deliberated to de-liberate and never for even a moment did we ever hesitate, as we permit our Helms-man to blindly navigate to dangerous rocky shores, our precious beloved ship of state. Those who are by intoxicated by power and wealth, march inexorably to the ultimate fate. I never even dreamt, that there would come a day, when I would implore the almighty and pray, that the wise counsel of "Dublya" should prevail and the crude plots of our "folk guys" dismally fail.

The big bully of the block
Stood tall upon the rock,
Screamed, "listen you fools,
Play is only by my rules".

I have the biggest stick,
And none I cannot lick
I will lead, you follow,
I will spit, you swallow

For eons, all in the middle
Just played second fiddle
Applauded with cheers and claps,
Ate not at the table, or only scraps

At first they only mumbled,
Then they loudly grumbled.
They were dejected and tired,
They got angry and conspired.

Love and affection are long gone,
Even patience is worn to the bone,
With no clear and present danger,
Who needs the dog in the manger.

There once was a house of many nations, 
Where a passel of peeved poor relations,
Conspired to utilize their sacred suffrage
To Boss Tweed's fiery ire and umbrage.

They voted him off a couple of committees
And instead included non-friendly entities,
With names like Ethiopia, Sudan and Cuba,
While blackballing the biggest tooting tuba.

Hearing this, the house of primates said,
With face and neck glowing crimson red
And sense incinerated by flaming passions,
"Put the rascals' parent body on no rations.".

Having resolved to renege on what is due,
They passed the buck to the exclusive few,
Who constitute the solons of the D.C. zoo.
What senator macaque said, will others do?  


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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