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Electorates' Liberty

Is democracy a political system designed to make people foolish? In a representative democracy, people are key actors to rule the nation. It clearly defines the role and responsibilities of each and every one.  Historically people have earned their liberty and equal justice to elect their representatives for the sake of their interests as well as the interests of the nation.

In Indian multi-party democracy, the particular political party in the rule is the absolute key actor. The government and the political party in the rule are synonymous, as if a government is the government of the political party in the rule. The political party undertakes all measures or policies for the sake of the party’s absolute interest. Each and every agenda is aligned with the party's agenda. The political party has no ethical and larger agenda. It is always poll-centric.  The political party in the rule desperately and nakedly ignores its opposition – nothing of which democracy has no meaning or viability or fruitfulness. But every step of political party-based government is aimed at finishing the opponents so that it can be able to hold power for a long lasting. No critics, no anti-government movement or agitation would function. The political party in the rule would enjoy absolute power of gain. That’s why, its administration works only for the supporters of the political party in the rule. The rule of law is misemployed against opponents, even at the grass root. Poll time and post poll violence, selection of beneficiaries for different and distribution of dole, etc. are accordingly fixed for the party supporters. No vote no protection -has become a common system in this democracy.

There is a critical relationship developed between dole givers and beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries because it has been impacted on social and community relationships. It is very much prominent in rural areas of West Bengal. Beneficiaries of different government schemes/relief have no independent voice against malpractices of the supporters of the political party in rule. They are just like a puppet. For instance, an elderly person died in his village house. The ancestral members did not extend their helping hand for his last rite because he was not a supporter of the political party in rule. Ancestral members had realized it was not the right thing. But they were helpless because the local political party leader ordered them not to join their hand. If they disobeyed, he would take action to stop all facilities getting from the government of this political party. It has crossed all social, economic and cultural barriers. Now a new political class has been originated which is controlled by the dole.

Nevertheless, now every poll in West Bengal has become a farce. The poll has been transformed into a constitutional event. In a democracy, electorates have no liberty or democracy to vote according to their own choice. The scientific rigging has now been popularly authenticated by all. Recent Kolkata Municipal Corporation poll has witnessed scientific rigging.

Every democratic people of India should struggle for their democratic rights, which are not limited within a voter identity card. It is for fearless voting of everyone. No scientific rigging should be allowed, and it should be assured by the Election Commission of India from lower to upper houses. Secondly, dole politics should be differently thought of. It is not for making separatism among people of their own community. We should remember that beggars should never be self-dependent because it is an ill-practice.


More by :  Dr. Harasankar Adhikari

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