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Recession Proof IT industry

Some of the facts that I have mentioned below may make you laugh but readers, just think how the quality of life has changed for the worst in this silicon valley of India. All the IT czars want more and more development but they themselves are unwilling to open their purse strings or do anything concrete to improve the infrastructure and basic amenities. My sharing these aspects with you is not going to change anything but you can have fun at someone else’s expense. All the names mentioned are imaginary though the events are real.

Mukund Xavier & his wife are a young couple both of whom are working. They moved to a place called Bhuvaneswari Nagar 2 years back. Xavier’s wife does not need a kitchen as except for water, there is nothing else in the kitchen. They stay on rent and have a grueling 5-day week. Xavier is an understanding husband as he buys breakfast and dinner from nearby hotels day in and day out. No tension about gas cylinders getting over.

One of the Maharashtrian couples who live in Jagdish Nagar have contributed a lot to the economic development of this backward area in Bangalore. This couple, originally from Mumbai, moved to US and then came to Bangalore where the husband joined a networking company in Bagmane Tech Park. So, what is new? Well, the wife has delivered a 2nd child sometime back and the Ranes have literally made their home into a virtual employment exchange.

You can imagine the salary structure in the IT company that makes this couple outsource practically every household activity. On an average day, there are 6 maids who walk into the Ranes’ residence and neighbours find it strange that there are slippers outside the home of Rane’s 24x 7. There is a nanny who comes to take care of the elder child who is 4 years old, another nanny who comes to feed and bathe the 2nd child, another lady who massages Mrs Rane, a beautician who comes once in a week for all sort of facials. There are two housemaids – one who washes the kid’s clothes, stacks them in the cupboard neatly, irons them. The other one washes the clothes of Mr and Mrs Rane and Mr Rane’s mother who is hale and hearty and in her early 50’s.

Neighbours often wonder what do  Mrs Rane and her mother-in-law do the whole day after outsourcing every activity. O, yes, I forgot something. Mrs Rane doesn’t like to soil her hands with cooking. So, she has two cooks who work in shifts. The kitchen looks spic and span from 10 am to 5 pm as no one ventures anywhere near the kitchen. Can’t believe that a household that has two small toddlers doesn’t feel the need to go to the kitchen from 10 am to 5 pm But, believe me, it is true. As if all this outsourcing is not enough, Mr Rane calls the barber home to do a hair cut and another couple in Jagdish Nagar has started a home delivery pedicure service encouraged by the fantastic response given by the Ranes.

The only job done diligently and sincerely by Mrs Rane is driving her elder daughter to the nursery school. Excepting this, each and every activity in Ranes’ household is outsourced (including buying of vegetables and grocery items). Mr Rane has now landed a job near Manyata Tech Park but not to worry when he has two vehicles and when he drives passionately.

Saturday afternoons and Sunday afternoons are times when people feel tempted for an afternoon siesta. But there are scores of Bangaloreans like Rane who go out along with family. They can afford to go out as they have little to do at home. The amount of driving Mr Rane does in a week, considering the petrol prices, is proof enough that there is no recession in the IT industry.

Sample this. Many North Indians who come to Bangalore to join IT do not mind living in a rental home but they must have a big car (whether parking is available or not) and they must have a big dog. There are chawls in Bangalore where water comes hardly for 1 hour but some of the residents have 2 or 3 dogs.


More by :  Chandraprabha Venkatagiri

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