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The Unpredictability of Life

There is a popular proverb in Tamizh that means that ‘the bean that sprouts can be seen in the sapling stage itself'. (the characteristics of a person can be known in their childhood itself). There are several examples cited and we continue to keep adding more examples of this unique dictum and forecast.

But, my long experience in life says that there is nothing more balderdash than this.

I have seen several examples in my life to quote; someone who had been the worst kid and almost a pain to his parents today holds a very high office abroad and in an international firm. A brilliant and diligent boy in school had sunk into oblivion and none knows where he is now even and in what position he is. Some guys who were basically happy and friendly taken up asceticism after entering adulthood. A bright guy brought up by docile, educated and pious parents is a vagabond with no job and never cares for the family. Why school? Even a guys who failed in as many subjects as possible in the college and whose characters were always antagonistic and rebellious, today living abroad holding coveted positions.

Though hailed from a highly educated and elite family, a guy after completion of his graduation and a few early years of employment had turned out to be a wastrel in his thirties itself. Even in public life we have seen strange achievers; a bus conductor turning into a popular star, an errand boy heading a nation, an intelligent star turning out to be a corrupt and convicted politician, a voice which had been declined by the radio turned out to be the great voice in films, a rejected weak voice by a music composer becoming the nightingale, an overtly arrogant youngster with his chutzpa becoming a great political analyst…the list will go endless.

Ah, some of you may say these are exceptions. Do they?

Leave becoming a popular person; the examples I have quoted at the start only refer to common, lower, upper and middle class people I came across in life.

An intelligent person remaining a novice and a filtered idiot turning into a bright personality are nothing but the whims of their fate and the secret smile of Madame Luck.

Life is a puzzle; an enigma; unpredictable; capricious; whimsical; erratic, without reason, defying logic or justice.

None can miss the bitter truths of dunces ruling the roost, mediocrities basking in glory and the intelligentsia suffering in silence.

It is the smart and crafty humans who attribute meaning for the success and failure with analyses.

Then what exactly makes the life work for everyone? HOPE.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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