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Running Out of Lies

  • The bulk of the tax cuts are going to the pockets of the average American
    The reality is that the main benefit goes to those who earn over 300000 dollars a year.

  • The estate tax taxes the dead
    It is an inheritance tax and actually forgives the income tax on appreciated assets.

  • Family farms and small businesses are destroyed by estate taxes
    Family farms and small businesses receive favorable treatment under already existing preferences and exemptions.

  • Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9-11
    There is no evidence that he financed or helped in the dastardly deed.

  • Saddam Hussein supported Al Qaeda
    No connection stands up to scrutiny by our intelligence services.

  • We must attack Iraq because they could deliver WMDs to American shores with unmanned aerial vehicles
    His Air-force was not even capable of attacking his next-door neighbors.

  • We are attacking Saddam Hussein because he used chemical weapons against Iran and Kurds
    In reality we supplied the weapon ingredients and rejoiced when he used them on our enemy Iran. We did not condemn the use and granted him favorable loans over a billion dollars to sustain his war effort. We also helped him with satellite reconnaissance of the Iranian enemy forces.

  • We are in Iraq to promote democracy in Iraq and the Middle East
    We are propping up and in bed with authoritarian regimes in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

  • On June 30, the Iraqis will have an interim self-government
    The reality is there will be an un-elected and appointed new puppet regime subject to the suzerainty of the General Sanchez and John Negroponte. The latter controlled the contras in the illegal war against Nicaragua, which the International Court of Justice at The Hague condemned America for, and granted reparations for.

  • We want to grant freedom to the Iraqis and that includes freedom of speech and freedom from torture
    The reality is that we shut down the yellow rag run by the Shiite Sadr and perpetrated torture in the same Abu Gharib prison where Saddam carried out atrocities.

  • These isolated incidents of unbecoming behavior by a few of our troops are not systemic and do not really match our high ideals
    The reality is that in many of our wars similar atrocities have occurred. In all fairness they occur in all wars on all sides. It is nearly impossible to kill other human beings calmly and dispassionately without serious damage to one's psyche. War is not a sport. It helps to kill if you consider the enemy subhuman, despicable, dishonorable, devious and threatening. Insurgencies particularly in urban surroundings where it is difficult to distinguish combatants from civilians leads to over-reaction, hatred and contempt, especially if the alien enemy group is easily distinguishable by color, dress or speech. Remember the Krauts, Boches, Wogs, Japs, Yellow devil Chinese, Gooks, Kinks, Slants, Blacks, Reds, Red Devils, Savages of prior conflicts.

  • We will be met as liberators and greeted with flowers
    No one loves an occupier and tyrannies and empires are destined to fail in the short or long term. The experience of the British around 1920 and our prior betrayal of the Kurds and Shiites plus the deaths and disabilities caused by our sanctions and remaining depleted uranium left over from Gulf War 1 should have eliminated our delusions of grandeur.

  • Nothing can dethrone us from our leadership of the free world
    We are the laughing stock, target of hatred and butt of derision in the world because of our hypocrisy. If we persist in our follies, we are on the path of the dustbin of irrelevancy. Our proclamations will be ignored by the world and we will receive no co-operation from most countries.

  • Budget, trade and current account deficits don't matter
    If we lacked the military might, our leaders would be tried as war criminals and our currency reduced severely in value. Rising interest rates will cripple our ability to service our huge debts and burgeoning deficits. We need foreigners to loan us two billion dollars every single day and they are becoming less willing to do so. We are becoming a two-tiered nation with the bulk of the population in poor paying service jobs and a smaller minority in high paying service jobs, many of which are in speculation and finance or litigation and health. Manufacturing is hollowed out and on its knees and we have a casino economy. This combined with our addiction to cheap oil and looming shortfalls in our unfounded social security and Medicare commitments is likely to reduce our standard of living by 25% in the near future.

  • Our president has a functioning brain or a viable plan to extricate us from the current messes
    He is a zombie or a puppet and has a longer nose than Pinocchio and hasn't a clue about anything. 


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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