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Crash Helmet

I am a Crash Helmet. I would like to narrate the benefits of using me while driving. My duty is to protect the head and thereby the life of a human being.

When a rider on a motor vehicle meets with an accident, due to sudden application of brakes at a speed of 30 KMPH, the tendency is for his body to be thrown up into the air and then for the head to crash on the road surface.

Head impacts in motorcycles can occur at speeds of 10 to 100 KMPH. When the head without a helmet hits a rigid surface at 20 kmph, the peak contact force can be as high as 50000 Newtons. This type of an impact can lead to skull fractures, concussions, contusions, hemorrhages and unspecified brain damage if one survives. I absorb the force of the impact and reduce the severity of the injury to the brain by reducing the impact on the head by partially absorbing the energy, cushioning the impact through the polystyrene or thermocol lining in the helmet and I bring the head to a halt more slowly because of which the brain inside the skull will not hit the skull with a greater force.
You may be knowing that as per statistics in India head injury is the sixth commonest cause of death. Additional protection to the head, in the form of protective headgear, reduces the severity of the force transmitted to the brain and thereby reduces the severity of injury to the brain. Last but not the least the Neurological Society of India, has endorsed the stand that use of protective headgear is the simplest, quickest and most effective method of reducing the number of severe head injuries.
What more do you want to know to get convinced on the benefits of wearing a helmet. Do not wait any more. Immediately take an autorickshaw,buy approved  safety helmet and thereafter wear it whenever you are riding your two wheeler. Happy Riding Forever!


More by :  Ananthanarayan Mohan

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