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Happy 2017

The year 2017 is in and I am wishing all the readers, a very happy and prosperous year ahead, may this be the best year of your life so far. And I am here writing, early this year, for the wonderful web portal site the Boloji. I wish everyone connected with Boloji a very happy year ahead.

My thoughts are very unique, out of the box as they say, and I intentionally keep them so, I want to break the mold, every mold, and take the pieces to make a new Icon, a spiritual temple. My motivation comes from my faith in Shree Ram ji, the Avataar, Incarnation, of the creator. Creation is an act of God, and so is destruction, both are the mirror image of each other. Destroy He must to create again . That is why we all die and get born again and again, just like - the dawning of a New Year. The Old one is gone, forever, and will very soon be completely forgotten and will become a myth - a history - remembered differently by different people.

That is why history does not get my interest , what is true is only what I see. Or is it, is really what I see "true"? I have written about this so many times that I am not going to repeat myself again, except reminding you that it is the Earth that goes around the Sun and not what we see - the Sun going around the earth. Period, end of all arguments. Success or failure are not true either - there is no success and no failure there is simply - life !

And I will inspire you by letting you know that all you have to do is live happily so you can die happily. That is the only truth that there is. If you live sad, you will die sad too. Your life is a gift from God, I see Him as Shree Ram Ji, and I do so because and only because I was born in a Sanatan Dharm family, because that is what God "Shree Ram Ji" wanted - that I be a follower of the Sanatan Dharm. Had He wanted me to be a Christian that is where He would have made me come. In my book there is no "free will". Free will is a hoax peddled by the Professors who say, that there is a "free will", so they, the professors, can make money, by confusing the students. And they make money, creating that confusion, to loot the mush mind students, in to living a stressful life. A life without the true "knowledge of life" and its sacred purpose.

I am here writing this piece , on this New Year Day, removing all confusion about "life", by letting everyone know - there is nothing like "free will". Everything in life is predetermined 100 %. For the doubters I will have to walk through the truth, and show them - that there is no free will. So here I go -

No one selects ones parents, the most important thing in every one's life, "ones parents". They are selected or given to one by Shree Ram ji. No one selects - where and in what country or city, one is born, and when which year or month, one is born, and with what capabilities one is born. Many are born mentally challenged and many geniuses all predetermined by God. No one selects ones neighbors or the people who come into one's life and so on and on and on,. No one selects ones boss or coworkers or friends or spouse, they all come into one's life exactly as predetermined by God. And no one selects where when and how one dies.

So here I come to the year 2017, wishing you a Happy one, by letting you know that the purpose of your life is to accept things as they come, and to do so - with your best broad smile. Everything is a gift from God, all your bounties and all your troubles too. And remember the moment you were born you began to die, and the circle " as planned by God" goes on and on for all 7 Billion of us and for the whole creation too, for every tree every insect and every drop of rain too.

Just remember some rain drops fall on the Himalyan Moutain in the river Ganga, and others in your neighborhood sewer and some in the Atlantic ocean, all preplanned and all predetermine. There isn't any "freewill" as the wisdom of my heart says. Just accept what is happening - and be happy and smile. That is my sweet thought for you for the year 2017. And I love you.

Eventually every rain drop with God's blessing ends in the deep deep depth of the deepest Ocean, never ever to come back. EVER !


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