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I was really amused by an article in a Tamil fortnightly by a religious and spiritual orator. In that, the author had emphasized the importance of having faith in God who can bless the devotee with whatever he/she asks for. However, the most important point is the faith one reposes on God. It is, perhaps, a valid point, indeed. But, to elaborate on it, what the author had extended was something very surprising, incredible and shocking.

In India, in different parts of this holy nation, there are temples and Gods who bless a person with a visa to the country he/she wants to go. In some cases it is said that the God expects the compliment in US Dollars. Similarly, there are temples where one can pray to get driving license by appeasing the God. The author explained that these temples and Gods are always crowded with devotees and for most of them their prayers are fullfilled.

Amusing, isn’t it?

I know we pray to the Almighty for a good life and health, wealth, though our scriptures say that wealth is transient. Praying for passing in exams, pleasing Lord Ganesha by breaking 100 coconuts are commonly practised faith in Tamil Nadu.

But, getting ‘Visa to Foreign Country’ (read US more specifically) and ‘driving license for vehicles’ are really surprising. But, it is a well known practice, that driving licenses are given for a premium or bribe. But visa?

It is always preached that faith in God is to have healthy mind, peaceful life and to face the hurdles in life with courage. However, after reading this article, I felt in India religion, God and faith are the best business propositions.

If someone prays for Visa and definitely there would be a God for getting a Green Card in US or PR in other countries. If God is giving what you want in your own land why the younger generation should run to foreign countries, deserting their motherland? If faith is the basic quality for one to get their things done, those who go on pilgrimage dying in gruesome accidents mark what? Have they gone to those temples without faith and just for fun?

The author further claimed if you ask for gold, cash, mobile phone to visa with implacable faith, God will definitely give, because God and Faith will stay for ages.

Such acts and articles are possible, I am afraid only in India but we still keep claiming that we are the nation which taught the entire world the great philosophy of life and its ephemeral nature. I am at a loss to understand our religion and faith make us philosophers or mercenaries.


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