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Friendships on Social Networking Sites

There are many individuals on the social networking sites who dictate terms to their "friends". They say they do not like chatting or any thing like that and pose a lot. Then why are they on social networking sites? As a status symbol only they are members on these networking sites? Might be. 

Heir celebrity status and improve its rating ...

And they seem to not able to see their "friends" as equals. They accept friendship requests so that the number of their "friends" swells like enormously and their ego too swells. They cannot treat their "friends" more than some unequal strangers whose only duty is to praise these celebrities. Very interesting expectation and behavior. 

Such "celebrities" want all the benefits of social networking sites for enhancing and advertising their talents but do not want to waste their time with the "disturbing" friends. When they are disturbed when online by the lesser souls - their "friends" why these "celebrities" always remain online on the particular social networking site? And then pose to their own "friends'?

Social networking sites seem to boost their ego and they treat their "friends" as mere fans to them. And also they like to use the sites to advertise themselves.

The equality, pleasantness and serenity of friendship seem to be missing on these sites to many for various reasons. Might be a social networking site is not an appropriate place to expect friendship.

Also might be individuals have enough friends offline and online friends are just for fashion!

Very nice and interesting mentalities!

When you are not interested in communicating with your "friends" online or otherwise why should you have so many "friends" online?

Yes, in a democracy every one of us is entitled to behave as we prefer.

Long live social networking sites catering to the needs of celebrities at local levels!


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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