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Geopolitical Armageddon

Currently the geopolitical situation has become dangerously unstable. Considerable responsibility is ascribable to the foolhardy misadventures of the Bush-Cheney neo-con cabal, but Obama and his minions at the UN, national security agency and formerly at the state department are equally responsible as Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan & Syria attest.

The Obama quartet is somewhat reminiscent of a male gorgon Medusa and the three Graeae sisters. The former’s main strategy is to turn anyone who looks at him instead of looking down, humbly and obediently, into stone by a drone. The latter three elderly female Greek mythical characters with only one detached portable poorly functioning eye amongst them see fragments of a scene only from R to P and hence backwards, and mostly miss or ignore rest of the alphabet or handwriting on the wall. They invariably have identical but incomplete visions and having only one erupted tooth between the three of them have a penchant to mouthing and biting everything like teething infants. These three female wasps have oviposited into the fruit of the fig tree of Ukraine, eggs destined to become vicious violent aggressive male fig wasps hell bent on eliminating all Russian fig wasp brothers. Thus only those bearing Swastika & SS insignia and with but a single carnal motto, explicitly taught by Victoria Nuland will be allowed to survive and flourish. These big jawed Brutes ranging from CIA types or crony capitalists like Biden’s son with autosomal dominant gas genes, have been sent to do yeoman duty to put an end to the tenure of the new Russian Caesar (Tsar). Our obsessive compulsive love for auto-antonyms like sanctions, without understanding their double meaning has made Russia bolt (another auto-antonym) into the arms of Xi’s China by signing a gas supply treaty and created an antagonist Eurasian block and an expanding SCO.

Another contender in this relentless battle is not from the pages of Robert Graves book on Greek mythology, but from H. Rider Haggard and his stories of Africa. This one Xi Jinping comes from a newly rising and formerly humiliated China and thus aptly labeled homophone as Xi (pronounced She) who must be obeyed by The Economist. He, to some extent rightly, but also with a big chip on his shoulder, has taken a belligerent attitude towards Japan, Philippines & Vietnam in the seas around China. The constant goading by American surveillance planes, internet hacking and repeated lecturing is enough to turn China into a bull in the world shop. The recent entente between Russia and China created by Obama’s strategy of how to make enemies and antagonize nations made Xi the bull see his favorite red color. He thus went out of his way to snub India by ordering PLA excursions into Indian Ladakh while he was on a goodwill visit to India and had a chance to do a Ribbentrop Act with newly elected Modi of India and thus neutralize any worries or military threats at China’s long southern border. This would have allowed his undivided attention and diversion of all his resources to dominate the Chinese half of the Pacific and East &South China Sea. That he did not do so, shows how little China thinks of India as a threat or encircler and its confidence in the bumbling stupidity of the Indian leadership and its lack of military strength or will to stand up to bullying (as rightly assessed by Professor Bharat Karnad). An out of control China is also a creation of a deranged Nixon trying to extricate America from the Vietnam morass and shameless incompetent subsequent presidents catering to their greedy financiers and voters seeking cheap goods by de-industrializing America and empowering China as debtor and creditor respectively.

The third contender is Putin and his Russia whom our confused genius Obama has gratuitously insulted as a power unworthy of consideration, also labeled by McCain as a gas station without being aware that he who has been hoisted by his own petard should refrain from flatulent talk or allusions. The desperate desire to make Europe dependent on America which is a waning economic power with rising debt makes it waste treasure and blood in losing battles and misadventures to control its energy resources. As one whose only tool is a hammer sees everything as a nail, the US uses its military superiority to start wars everywhere. After what America did to Russia when the USSR disintegrated and our hotshot economists now turned world saviors and advocates for the have-nots did to set up the looting of Russia by the colluding apparatchiks, is it any surprise that the Russians and many other countries are wary of our do-gooders like National Endowment for Democracy, Human Rights Watch and so-called NGOs. We took the incompetent drunkard Yeltsin and anointed him in charge, to deprive the elderly and majority of Russians of even their daily bread. This does not exonerate the corruption and thuggishness of Putin or his government, but at least one cannot doubt his love for the Rodina, which is more than what one can say about some of our recent presidents who will make any speech or write any trash to make a buck or those who sold the US to China (another of our Frankensteins) to get reelected or extricate it from the Vietnam War or those who sold out to pharmaceuticals and to insurance companies as W & Obama did.

The unsuccessful invasion to usurp Iraq’s oil, occupy Afghanistan to control Central Asian energy reserves and the creation of an independent Kosovo out of Serbia (like carving out Panama from Colombia for the canal) to make passageways for pipelines from Azerbaijan have mostly failed. The invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq strengthened Iran and the Shias and angered the Sunnis. They started the Iraqi insurgency and then Petraeus bribed and armed them, naming them The Awakening. This led to less attacks on the US forces. Shia Maliki refused to sign a SOFA and US troops had to withdraw but the Sunnis of The Awakening armed and earlier financed by us together with the Bathists marginalized by us, joined together to form ISIS, as the Shias denied them jobs and oil money. Thus we create our own Frankensteins, starting with the Mujahedeen who became Al Qaida and the Pakistanis whom we armed and financed became the Taliban and the Sunni Iraqis whom we armed and financed became the ISIS.

Our persistent animosity towards Iran and Russia and Assad’s alliance with them made him agree to a pipeline to Syria’s Mediterranean port from Iraq and possibly including Iran. He thus turned down Qatar, which also wanted a pipeline to the Mediterranean. The corrupt kleptocrats of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait need the American military umbrella to protect and continue their illegitimate rule. America needs them to trade their oil in dollars only otherwise the dollar would lose its lofty perch and seigneurial advantage. Thus we support them and they reward us by supporting the dollar and buying expensive military hardware which they cannot use, but which allows them to siphon off exorbitant commissions or disguised bribes for personal extravagance. They are charitable like us and send spare arms directly to ISIS while we give the arms and our citizens to less unfriendly terrorists who sell them to ISIS at a reasonable profit.

The last and fourth contender is from Shakespeare’s play and is a ghost, but not that of Banquo. It is a specter like that of Ian Fleming’s books. It is the antonym of Obama and it is Osama’s ghost. It is also aptly named ISIS. Isis was an Egyptian goddess whose name means throne and her worship spread to the Roman Empire and western world. Set, the brother of Osiris had a party for Osiris and challenged Osiris, husband of Isis, to see if he could fit into a wooden box. When Osiris lay down in the box, Set nailed the lid on top and threw the box into the Nile (sea). To cut the long story short, Isis the wife, found the coffin and hid it. Set removed the body from the coffin, chopped the body into pieces and threw them into the sea. Isis found all the pieces except a vital one. She improvised with a golden prosthesis, followed Victoria Nuland’s four letter instructions faithfully and begot Horus, the avenger, known by his throne name, the Caliphate. Now we have blind Obama and his three graeae with one malfunctioning eye trying to find moderate Islamists who will fight ISIS, with financial support from the Saudis and other Sunnis, acceptable to ruling Shia Iraqis and who will not alienate Iranians, Kurds and Turks.

To me this problem sounds like that of a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which is not there. I think that this dilemma can only be solved by unthinking idiots. According to DARE, the dictionary of American regional English, the new slang for “unthinking idiots” is “Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee”. A confused Obama with hope and audacity is in search of the ultimate Father, who is not there. Xi’s riddle is a case of a pendulum swinging from humiliation to hubris, yearning for a heavenly mandate. Putin is just forced to do the Anastenaria, a ritual of the Orthodox Christian Church in which one has to walk barefoot over a burning fire to seek redemption for the sin of one’s forebears and obtain salvation. ISIS members are also looking for heaven and virgins in their heavenly reward. Thus do all the above contenders seek to attain heaven in their own warped fashion.


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Comment It is tempting to blow my trumpet by trying to explain this solitary non-periodic blurb after fading into the sunset of retirement-
"his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated" (Deuteronomy 34:7).
And even more egomaniacal to quote the Bhagvad Gita-
Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata
Abhythanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham

Paritranaya sadhunang vinashay cha dushkritam
Dharmasangsthapanarthay sambhabami yuge yuge

The meaning of these two verses is—[1]
Whenever there is decay of righteousness, O Bharata,
And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth ;

For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers,
For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age.

But the real reason is there are so many lies wafting through the internet with regards to Iraq, Syria and Ukraine that I could not remain silent or mute as an admirer of the late Howard Zinn, who wrote "You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train".

gaurang bhatt
27-Sep-2014 09:30 AM

Comment With no explanation for the extended hiatus in what used to be a series of articles of characteristic vim and vigour, indeed in which long period a tributary from what appears to be a common source, 'The Kaiser Report' on RT, has rattled into the common view with about as much power and sense as a tsunami that storms inland and then recedes with the litter of destruction that after a week is nowhere to be seen, one can at least be reassured that Dr Bhatt has remounted his bike, having sustained a prolonged spell of Schumacher syndrome, and is once again furiously tilting at windmills. As entertainment, for those who enjoy a swashbuckling tale of derring-do without portfolio, Dr Bhatt's style is inimitable, and precludes comment that is in any case swiftly fly-swatted. Nevertheless, I hope mine will not be viewed as precocious to the degree it has been interpreted in these pages as a reflexive syndrome whereby I am wired up like one of Pavlov's pooches and stimulated to knee-jerk reactions the rest of the readership is immune from.

My main comment is that the world is a place of meaningful events, where what occurs to us as chaotic is meticulously in place. IS is a case in point. Demonised as inhuman by the western culture that excels itself in contraceptive and abortionist methods, that is r iddled with alcohol and drug abuse, that is financially corrupt, IS appears in that light saintly in its ideals. The brutality of its methods has a rationale of conversion to a purer form of living, reminiscent of the Inquisition, though boiling in oil and burning at the stake were preferred to beheading, a far more humane method. For those of us who believe in divine providence, we should be humbled by IS as a reflection of our own shortcomings raised by our mutual God to address them. To consider IS as pure evil to be wiped out by our perception of ourselves as pure good is valid only in principle and that principle is humanity Fortunately, we in the west uphold that principle, even as we did against Hitler, which even our own corrupt culture honours and that covers its multitude of sins. IS would be advised merely to honour that principle of humanity to cease all action against it as the anti-principle of inhumanity.

26-Sep-2014 08:59 AM

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