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Making Mountain out of a Mole

To be frank, I am amazed by the freedom of Indians now enjoy while a group of intellectuals and public crying hoarse on the escalation of intolerance.
Especially in Tamil Nadu, many of them are up in their arms to fight for something or other. Just look at this happening. Sometime back, a private recreation club barred a gentleman clad in dhoti from entering that club. It became a big matter of discussion in the media and television channels. Many objected to the club’s right to ban a person from entering just because he is dressed in the traditional dress of Tamils. They do not want to consider it as a code and condition of that particular club authority.
But, recently when the Court set a dress code for those entering the temples, again there was an objection. A land which patronizes devotion, culture and tradition why they should be hoisting protest for one should be dressed decently if they have to enter a sanctum of the God? Now, the argument goes that it is a matter of freedom to come on jeans, or skirts or leggins.
There is another big issue on Jallikattu. The Supreme Court banned the game of Jallikattu considering it not as a game of valor but cruelty to animals. In fact, whether it is cruelty to animals or not, in Jallikattu, many human lives will be lost because the raging bulls will tear the stomach or heart of the tamer with their sharpened horns. If the game is considered as traditional or expression of culture, the court should not have admitted the petition itself when it was filed. Very heated debates, exchange of words, support from all the Tamil Nadu politicians are in full blast on this issue now.
There was another case in the courts on a ‘beep’ song by an actor Simbu who is known for his vulgar antics. All the moral custodians and feminists are shouting and demonstrating to ‘punish’ Simbu for singing the song and Anirudh, the music director for setting music for the song! Wonderful, isn’t it?
A few years back the Tamil Nadu populace which erected a temple for actor Khushboo suddenly showed their ire on her and filed cases in all the courts because of her comments on sex which they considered immoral and against Tamil Culture. The print and electronic media make mountains out of such moles with great panache!
There is always a hullabaloo when someone says street dogs have to be killed or sterilized! I am sure in the same way, if someone says beggars should be sterilized there will be terrible pandemonium in the country and human right supporters will start shouting in high decibels!
However, none cares or demonstrates or acts to keep their surroundings clean, hygienic or follow the traffic rules, respect or educate people or behave decently in public!
We are never tired of talking about our past glory and make our present stink! If this can be called as the great Indian tradition and culture I feel only sorry for this freedom and also ashamed to be called as an Indian!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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