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A Believer’s Scientific Explanation of India’s Idiot Leaders’ Behavior

So greatly was I puzzled by the abject groveling worship of Sonia Sultana by the Congress party, that I did diligent research about the matter in the Archives of God. Being a devout Hindu and therefore gullible, ignorant and unthinking, I consulted all gods and prophets, whether they were legitimate or illegitimate, conceived immaculately or otherwise, circumcised or not, irrespective of embryological or developmental handicaps and anomalies like extra or unusual heads, hands and associated symbiotic animals. I referred to the literature from Smriti, Shruti, sundry scriptures, the Congressional record, presidential secret tapes and all other equally unreliable sources. Below are the results from the database, irrespective of my gullibility, ignorance and belief in metempsychosis and reincarnation.

It starts with Hatsepshut becoming the queen of Egypt when her husband Thutmose the second assumes the throne after the death of his parent approximately 3500 years ago. He dies and the throne is to go to Thutmose the third, but since he is too young, Hatshepsut assumes the regency. After seven years she takes over as pharaoh and dons male garb and a false beard to be portrayed as the pharaoh. Now substitute Indira Gandhi as Thutmose the first, Rajiv Gandhi as Thutmose the second and Rahul Gandhi as Thutmose the third and Sonia as Hatshepsut and you have history first as a tragedy, repeating itself as a farce. There is a minor subtle difference in that Sonia instead of growing a false beard made a dummy with a beard to be her stand in, while biding time for Rahul to become a sensible adult or the Indian population to become so much more retarded as to accept him as the qualified unquestioned next ruler of India.

In the interim periods there are some commonalities to suggest that Hatshepsut in later incarnations may have been Semiramis of Assyria, Razia of the Indian Slave dynasty and over centuries and different lives and incarnations, some of the many saints, sinners and queens Theodoras of the Roman and Byzantine empires. All this may explain the stereotypical politics and behavior of Sonia Sultana and her benign governance initiatives like NREGA and RTI, but the supine servile behavior of her sundry sycophants has a more complicated basis. They are like specially inbred laboratory mice and rats. They like fancy pigeons or dog breeds have been selected for cupidity, stupidity and other docile traits.

Fortunately my knowledge of neurology and genetics helped me decipher the puzzle. A video from the library of god was of the meeting of the Congressional high command and governing body They were all bobbing their head downwards and flexing their trunk forwards like an exaggerated form of Japanese greeting. It looked like doing “salaam” or “kurnish”, just like the subservient way in which a foolish BJP woman leader greeted Musharaf of Pakistan. In neurology these are known as Salaam seizures.

In fact they were described tragically by a British physician over a century ago. In a letter to the editor of The Lancet in 1841, Dr. WJ West's description is as clear as any modern portrayal. He recounted that the patient had “bobbings” that “cause a complete heaving of the head forward towards his knees, and then immediately relaxing into the upright position … these bowings and relaxings would be repeated alternately at intervals of a few seconds, and repeated from 10 to 20 or more times at each attack, which attack would not continue more than 2 or 3 minutes; he sometimes has 2, 3 or more attacks in the day (1).” West also reported on the consequences of infantile spasms: marked developmental delay and mental retardation. Sadly, the patient who West was describing was his own son, and the letter was a request for help in treatment. [Source: Wikipedia]

The sufferers of these salaam seizures are infants and are retarded and have typical EEGs. The triad is known as West’s syndrome. Bingo, the Congress I crowd are infantile, retarded and prone to incessant bowing, scraping and salaaming to satisfy their addiction to greed, power and wealth for which they have been inbred and developed this devastating neurological disorder as a genetic lottery jackpot. The irony is that they suffer from “West” syndrome in another way. Their scraping and bowing extends to the entire west including Europe, North America and its far flung outposts like Australia and New Zealand. This explains the ruling government’s idiocy of buying American weaponry at exorbitant prices and yet agreeing to constraining and humiliating end user agreements which require US permission to use the equipment.

To top this, the creepy crawly Congress creatures are trying to pass a bill in parliament that would exempt all American nuclear power companies from every legal liability for any Chernobyl like accidents which may happen at their plants. This is after the previous bitter experience of the Bhopal poison gas leak and contrary to the prevalent practices of the US government. The Indian idiot Congress MPs, either because of their innate slave instincts or from covert US pressure, are willing to privilege US nuclear power corporations more than what the US legislature would do for them in the US. The last straw is another bill which allows foreign universities to open up institutions of higher learning and confer degrees in India without any supervision by any Indian educational body. This will attract on line for profit junk universities to exploit the love of everything “phoren” by the Indian population, ripe for fleecing. This is what sundry bogus British and Australian universities have done to attract paying Indians as foreign students and mugs. They get a college degree which leaves them unemployable in Britain or Australia, except as cab drivers, gas station attendants or in equivalent jobs. 


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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