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On Self Discovery

A Conversation Between Two Friends

Place: Au Bon Pain cafe, Bangkok

How was work today Bijal?

Oh the usual, had a long meeting in the morning then things to patch up, either way I was out of there at 5:30 on the dot. Yours?

Had a creative brief session this afternoon, it was great. I came up with this really good punch line and my boss was thrilled.

That's cool. You really enjoy doing what you're doing, don't you? May be that's what life is all about. Do you feel you're meant for this?

I don't know, if I 'm meant for this or not or what am I meant for, for that matter. But ya I do like what I'm doing and I get a great amount of satisfaction from it. Why do you ask?

I don't know, just wondering if others feel as lost as I do at times. I mean, ya its not like I don't like what I'm doing or something, work is great and I'm good at it too but sometimes I feel its not what I'm here for. It's not what I'm meant for. I'm meant for something different. Something that has more substance, something that makes me leave a mark that's there to stay long after I'm gone. Sometimes I feel this way and at other times I just feel as long as you're happy with what you're doing and content, life can be great and you feel great too. 

Are you searching for something Bij?

Yeah, I think I am, I think we all are. Aren't we? I mean you want to be in Advertising, you want to be an executive, that's great. You know what you want to be. And you're working at it. There are very few people like that who know where they're going and want to or have found a way on how to get there. I really wish there was a way to self-discovery Neha. I mean, life just goes on in a fixed routine for almost all of us. Doesn't it? We grow up, we go to school, college, work, get married, have kids, grow old and one day you're gone.

So that's why they say right? That you should spend time doing things you enjoy and not get yourself stuck on something you don't feel passionate about. After all, you travel this road only once. I mean, you enjoy writing and it's so good that you actually make time for it. And if there is something else you truly want to do, now is the time to do it. 

Oh ya, I think writing really keeps me balanced. It's crazy but true. I wish there was a course on self-discovery with objectives such as realizing your highest potential, knowing what you're born for and which career path will give you the highest satisfaction and $$ * laughs * 

Wow, if there were such a thing, all of us would be registering for the course. But unfortunately there's not and we all must find our own paths, ourselves. Don't worry Bij; take things one at a time. Don't try to rush by your life to "find what you're here for". Hey you know, perhaps, the journey to self-discovery is the destination itself. I'm sure you'll find the answers in time, sooner than later. Lets go home now. Have to be at work early tomorrow.

And we walk out the cafe into the realm of routine once again.


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