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Indians & The Genes for Slavery

It may be my pet peeve, because some Indian websites ban controversial topics like religion, but an honest analysis performed in the cool light of reason, after the turbulent froth of any personal slight has evaporated, leads me to this damning conclusion to my everlasting shame, that we Indians have been cursed with a gene for slavery and the resultant behavior of craven appeasement and genuflection.

Patrick Henry would have been stoned to death in India for saying that it is better to die on one's feet, then to live on one's knees. The calluses on most Indians' knees would reveal the hard facts of reality. It is not the truth abjuring, sanitized viewpoint of Indian non-profit websites emulating the despicable precedent of banning challenging truths, learnt from the spineless cowardice of the Government of India, but also the reluctance of individual Indians to ever take a stance in any debate or controversy, lest it lead to any economic harm. For profit websites may be forgiven their pecuniary cowardice, because they are in pursuit of profit, irrespective of principle.

Salman Rushdie, who was born a Moslem, had his book, 'The Satanic Verses' banned by the government of India, because it could possibly offend Moslems. I can understand such despicable behavior from a cowardly, hypocritical, farcical, sham hoax like the Congress, but even the BJP masquerades under the Burkha of Hinduism, while not having a common civil code for its citizens and subsidizing Haj pilgrimage and the salary of Imams. These are the pretending and pretentious Hindus, who tout Hinduism under their convenient but shameful secular Chadors. After all governments are run by lying and self-serving thieves. Why even the bastion of democracy of the modern world, the federal government of these hallowed United States within approximately a decade of ratifying the constitution and its amendments, including freedom of speech, passed the aliens and sedition act, prohibiting criticism of the government or the President, with the support and connivance of President John Adams, which did much to take the gloss of the pretence of being a free Republic.

This dastardly behavior of Indians is partly due to the economic insecurity that looms large on the horizon of all Indians. Another contributor is the millennia of subjugation that constitutes their history and the cultural enslavement that results from their color consciousness and inferiority of not being white, while still aspiring to that unachievable goal, which was their original inheritance, lost by the sin of unrestrained libido by their hormone driven ancestors and the tropical sun. The false propaganda of chauvinistic zealots does not alter the truth and the foolishness of the few educated brainwashed and the ignorance and desperation of the deprived masses compounds the felony and adds to the vulnerability from fanatic Moslem extremists.

Centuries of subjugation have instilled a fear and hesitancy not to rock the boat. A classic example is the inane policy for decades, not to recognize Israel for the fear of offending its minority Moslems, even though the rest of the Middle Eastern states side with Pakistan and against India. So- called secular governments have bent over backwards to avoid having a common civil code for all citizens and subsidized salaries of Moslem Imams and the passage for Haj of Moslem citizens, contrary to the constitution and rule of law. The seed of an inferiority complex and subservience is so deeply rooted in inheritance, that it prevents them from behavior necessary for survival or national interest. The craven cowardice and slave mentality is the reason why even an attack by terrorists on the Parliament brought nothing but verbal diarrhea, unaccompanied by any concrete action or justifiably retaliatory action. The recurrent capitulation to terrorists and hijackers to our long-term detriment is another nail in the coffin of our pathetic, fearful and timid government and its abject cowardice.

The fear of criticism and being ostracized is so great that even non-profit websites, who have no fear of economic disasters are reluctant to accept or allow free expression of any point of view, which could possibly offend any minority, in spite of deserving condemnation for their behavior. Thus the unique status of India and Indian corporations is to capitulate to the tyranny of the minority, which Tocqueville or any rational person could not fathom.

Look at the recent response and strategy of Russia with the Chechen terrorists in the Moscow theatre. Truly cowards are destined to more than one death and cowardice is the pennant of Indian government and people. The history of subjugation by Islamic and European conquerors, humiliation by China in 1962 and bullying by Pakistan has not helped and a definitive victory in some conflict is as necessary as it was for America after Vietnam. Just as there is none as blind as one who does not wish to see, there is none as cowardly as one who does not wish to fight, irrespective of provocations. This has been proved by capitulation to terrorists and hijackers, to the detriment of the nation. The believing stupid mired in the religious morass of rebirth, waste the present life for the unsecured false promise of heaven in the afterlife and the brainwashed, so called educated, echo the siren call of falsehoods of secular garbage, without understanding of imminent threats from the devout terrorists encircling and infesting the ignorant and surrender prone populace.   


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Comment Just happened to read your article that has left me wondering : What exactly are you trying to say ? The headline was about Indians and the genes of slavery.

Rajan Mahadevan
29-May-2013 14:39 PM

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