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The famous writings!

There are two ways that writings become famous. 
The normal way when individuals write poetry, novel, fiction, articles and the like creative art. When one does, one or some of these creativity, his writings may become famous depending on the mood, liking, and open-mindedness of critics (not necessarily of the readers).
We now have, in this internet and social networking times, when an ordinary person who does not have any creative abilities like above literary and  intellectual activities, becomes famous instantly through just his/her jottings (not necessarily writings); yes I am talking about celebrities from various fields and professions, who just put something personal or any, without proper language of expression even, you would find millions of followers and likes under their jottings. Their "writings" become famous because they are already famous.
This culture is making the individuals famous, who are already famous, by their writing (jottings) too. Because of this digression the real writings have lost their significance and charm. 
Just dry jottings are taking the place of writings.
So one must become famous and celebrity in another field or profession to become famous as a" writer" too. The individual's charisma otherwise, is also making him a popular writer. 
So to become famous as a "writer", one need not write poetry, novel, fiction, or articles. It is enough if one becomes already famous in another field and scribbles on networking sites anything with sense or non-sense, his/her writings will be followed by millions and liked by the same or more number.
The famous writings have also got a new definition.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Sir, your piece pictures the old adage 'who said what is more important than what is said' in its 'Twitter' manifestation.

BS Murthy
17-Oct-2013 07:39 AM

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