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It is well known and we are well aware that changes are the permanent things in the world; be it the society or an individual. There are no exceptions; from the appearance to disposition. All keep changing. If someone says ‘I am the same what I was before a decade’, it is false. Untrue.

Nevertheless, changes or transformations are inevitable; life, work and family force everyone to undergo changes. Many times it is for good and many times for worse bad as well. But, again we will be in a state that we will be unable to either identify or realize it. How sad! I should say that is one of vagaries of human life.

I tend to write this piece because I watch myself and ruminate about my past; I know how the passage I have crossed changed me significantly; some for good and some for bad. I could understand them but unable to either completely eliminate the bad or include the good. I know it is pathetic. Yet, it is true.

I always admire writers; because I always consider them above average as they create characters and scenes of different nature and make us realize the good, bad and ugly in the society. I keep some writers in high pedestal and admire them even today for their ability to express and deal with human emotions with great understanding. In a way, I learnt life through their writings.

But, what surprised me as days passed on ‘watching the changes in the writers and their writings’. A popular writer who had written several immortal stories and came in the open it sounded jarring and only damages the image. It did. The writings failed afterwards.

Another noted person’s creations were realistic and great values are attached to the characters and presentations. Very illuminating and informative stories and novels emerged from this author. But, dogmatic fixation to old values and total rejection to the changing world alienated the writer from writing more realistic characters and creations. In this case, it is not changing but standing in the same spot without acknowledging the changing values in the world.

I read this author’s creations with great interest because they introduced to me to a new world of modernity and intelligence. The style of presentation shifted from the mundane to striking. The conversations carried brilliance. Again the changes happened. The writer’s vision suddenly confined to only one aspect and writing unabashedly started reflecting them to the point of positive absurdity.

So when personalities whom I considered ideal and exceptional could change for worse with no specific reason, why not ordinary mortals like me? That is the way I console myself when I realize the irritating transformations in me in the walk of my life. Anyway, that is no justification.

Logic or reasons? There are many things in life which are illogical and without reasons.


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