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Hail Mumbai

7/11, the Black Tuesday.

The financial capital of the country came to a stand still as the serial blasts rocked the city. Yet we survived & came out as better human beings than mere Mumbaihites! The heroes of this unfortunate incident were undoubtedly'the Mumbaikars!! They helped each other in the smallest possible but certainly not insignificant way they could.

So many people were stuck, but they showed the world--United, we stand!! Traffic victims were not making any haste as regular. They were patient & following as instructed, trying to do their part. People of all ages were standing on the Mumbai streets---till 3 am, with food packets, water, and all the possible help they could extend 'to the direct and indirect victims of the tragedy Even rains could not dampen their spirits. Media showed at 9.30 pm, that the available blood supply in all blood banks was 2500 liters short of what was needed'and that gap was bridged in a span of 3 hours!! And who says, we're slow???? Ahh, the government must be saying that, and why not? We might be slow in paying taxes?? But how does it matter? We never get the support in such situations. Mumbai pays Rs 70000 crores in form of taxes, and what do we get in return? The portion, which we give, out of our hard earned money, any way goes to fatten the already fat wallets of govt. officials!!! Do these people have the right to ask for votes and then forget the man on the streets ?

Mumbai proved, that if citizens are empowered, the government is reduced to a dwarf!!! And indeed, Mumbai was standing tall!!

A City Being Managed by Its Citizens

That's Mumbai.....12 hours later....its running back on its feet....people again back to work,,,, sad for people who suffered,,,, but not bowing to the ill-objectives of few sick-minded people. Even London took 4 days to recover!! And did anyone say--Indians are laidback!!

But at these times come our great politicians.....how can they miss an opportunity to trouble the already struggling public'crushed emotionally, physically and financially. After all that is the reason why they are there. A traffic jam of more than 4 kms was created coz traffic at Bandra SV link road had to be stopped for more than 30 mins for Ms. Soniya Gandhi to pass. People were stuck, in rains, on bikes, buses & cars....after an unfortunate disaster...for another 50 mins due to intense traffic situation,,,, and as if that was not enough, our honorable Railway Minister made an appearance too.

The fact is that because of them, more confusion is created in an already chaotic situation. Police has to arrange for their security, provide additional forces, which could have been otherwise been used to help the distressed public. Truth is, if it was not for them & their policies & politics,,,, no one is an enemy, all are just humans..... there would have never been such an event. Love is the most important need of a human'Everyone wants to love and be loved!!

I bow down to the spirit of those unknown, un recognized passer-by, who helped in whatever form.....maybe by carrying blood dripping bodies or injured travelers, providing vehicles for injured, by regulating traffic, not cribbing about the heavy traffic, providing food & water on roads, donating blood...or praying for safety of known & unknown!!

I am not a Mumbaikar....but am proud to be a part of this city! I cherish the values which this city has given me'A Never Say Die spirit!! I hail to the spirit of Mumbai.

Salaam Mumbai.   


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