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BJP & Republicans: Obsessed, Senile and Out Of Touch

The BJP was routed in the Indian elections just like the Republicans in the US. India is a poor country with 70% of its people living on less than two dollars a day. The Congress which is as corrupt and incompetent as any other party or the Democrats in the US, does not have a stupid leadership or election strategy. It forgave the bank debts of farmers and guaranteed certain minimum work hours and pay for the rural poor. BJP idiots destructively harped on Hindutva, had no coherent strategy and no goodies to offer the have-nots.

The Republicans in the US monotonously obsessed with more tax cuts for the wealthy, endless war, and completely oblivious of the economic meltdown suffered by the average American met a similar disaster, even in more affluent and developed US. In India, the affluent rarely take the trouble to vote and the poor vote, sometimes more than once and guided by their pocket book. In America, the poor skip the vote while the affluent and elderly vote in larger proportions. The former vote on the basis of emotional issues, while the latter two vote for their economic interests.

The victors in both countries renege on their pre-election platforms and promises, cater to their campaign contributors and waste public money to bankrupt their respective nations by double digit budget deficits. Debt relief for farmers in India maybe helpful to some extent but most farmers borrow from local moneylenders at usurious rates and remain crushed by debt inspite of the forgiveness that applies only to nationalized bank loans and lead to burgeoning budget deficits. Obama strong armed Chrysler creditors and coerced them to give up their legal rights to be paid in full for their senior secured loans before the unsecured claims of the UAW. The Senate voted trillions of taxpayer money for banks, insurance companies and auto companies but killed the right of bankruptcy judges to modify the loan principal of scammed homeowners. The same politicians have passed bills forbidding unilateral retroactive increase in interest on previous debts without cause, but allow the Federal Reserve to loan money to banks at 0.25% per year and charge up to 32% annual interest to credit card holders.

As I have explained in previous writings, people are more interested in their economic status. Those of Indian origin turned down the ability to return to India and continued to live in South Africa under apartheid, because they made more money under the despicable regime. Lincoln tried to move the emancipated blacks to Africa, but very few left inspite of being subjected to forced labor, terrorism from the Klan and widely prevalent lynch mobs, ignored by the state and federal police and justice departments. A rightist party has a poor immediate future in India and even the US, after the global economic meltdown. The BJP rode to power behind the resentment towards Muslims and their pandering by Congress once, but concentrated on the urban middle class while ignoring the plight of the urban and rural poor who make up the majority. One swallow does not a summer make. Now they have wised up and refuse to be fooled just as the proverbially unthinking electorate in America has reached its limits of being baited by abortion, gay marriage, terrorism fears, affirmative action and welfare queens driving Cadillacs. Cheneys, Limbaughs and their fellow scum buckets may scream themselves hoarse, but people realize that the first is trying to save himself from being investigated and the second for personal enrichment.

Leopards do not change their spots and politicians cannot erase their character flaws. See how Obama uses the Bush tactics of secrecy, widens the war in Afghanistan, refuses to bring the troops home from Iraq, suppresses the torture pictures from Iraq, delays closing Guantanamo, does not wish to prosecute anyone for torture. The solid Democratic majority in the House and Senate continues supplemental war funding, increases the defense budget, will not consider single payer government health insurance for all. All political parties should be denied the right of issuing preferential tickets to selected candidates. In India we need open primaries, in America no anointed chosen candidates and a ban on caucuses. There should be a ban on corporate campaign finance and a strict low limit on campaign expenditures. It is the nature of politicians to be venal, corrupt, power hungry and devoid of decency and character. An exaggerated sense of self-importance fuels their desire to run for elections. After winning, even the vestiges of shame are lost. Look at the scandals and bogus expense accounts of British MPs and recent resignations after being exposed. We need not only term limits which the misguided US Supreme Court threw out, but they should be given only minimum wage and basic public housing and must at all times wear a cap stating that I am a servant of the public, to cultivate humility in them and evaporate their arrogance and hubris. They should hold regular town hall meetings and forbidden from making speeches except three months before elections and barred from cutting ribbons at opening ceremonies. Finally their police and security privileges must be terminated and they should have the same protection as an average citizen.

The only good thing I can say about the Indian elections is that the poor showing of regional, caste and language based parties, reveals some green shoots of sense in the Indian electorate. Now that the Congress has a near majority, if it fails to deliver, the bums should be thrown out and a majority given to another party that promises to deliver.


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Comment Gaurang Bhatt, all your articles are just shamefully inept and comically obtuse.
You have no idea about America,India or any other country.Simply googling some info from some wingnut sites and pasting it together in the manner of a high school student doing his assignment on Sunday night cannot be considered scholarly by any stretch of imagination.

Do us all a favor and chop off your arms so you dont subject any of us to such puerile "analysis" again.

18-Dec-2012 14:51 PM

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