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Ruling a Nation!

Ruling a nation is managing subjects - citizens of various denominations - in relation to religion, region, caste, community, criminality, corruption, fundamentalism, corporate greed and domination, claims of inefficient and slogans for "justices" of various kinds and development economically, culturally, civilization, spiritually and the like.

The rulers can encourage one section and neglect or try to annihilate other sections as attempted in medieval times, be objective having equal regard for all religions, ideologies, cultures, languages and other isms and inadequacies. All these years in India mere slogans to uplift down-trodden have fetched the political parties votes and power. This made them to develop vested interest in the division of voters by various words and also promise freebies and perpetuate the divisions election after election.

Also corruption has become synonymous with politicians and people in power - executive, legislative, judiciary and bureaucrats. And a nation progresses by the contribution of all citizens in various aspects and never by promising implementing various justices having an eye on votes and power. And the affiliations of various groups of citizens to various divisions had made the task of politicians easier.

Ruling a nation is to be bequeathed to statesmen and women. Else citizens of all denominations will suffer eternally. Thus ruling a nation is an expert's job. In the name of democracy the citizens must not be subjected to inefficient and corrupt rule.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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