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The Great Wonder Birds Are!

Wonderful Birds

In full throated voice the nightingale sings alone in the garden; know not what makes it sing so at this hour of the day; nor for whom does it sing so high a tone so sweet to hear!

The skylark too flies high in the sky and sings unknown; who knows what it sings and why it sings at a high place?

The disciples of Nature perhaps follow nature through thick and thin.  May be they are all singing about Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter or may be expressing out their fear or fortune of the coming seasons!  However we can understand them only from the tone of their tune.  To some extent we know what makes them sing and why they sing.  All these lovely birds certainly and clearly sing with rhyme and reason!

It is men who fail to understand what they beautifully sing.  The lovely birds sing out their emotion and fly light in air; but men mince matters and lie down low ever heavy in heart.

The birds are perhaps depicting or predicting the destiny of mankind; but who cares for the timely utterances that go in the air ways whether the birds broadcast them from the tree top or telephone posts?  They do their jobs beautifully and brightly like the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Among men also there are finest and fine nightingales and skylarks in the world.  These bird men bring out the best of things beautifully, naturally and perfectly focusing, exposing and disposing the mean, cruel and false freely and frankly and spotting, eulogizing and honoring the lovely, truthful and excellent in all.  But whose voice or words who hears or sees in this world of fees or frauds?

Birds and Men

There are birds of various kinds all over the world.  So also there are men of various kinds in the world; but each and everyone is of a separate kind in nature.

Birds migrate to places according to the seasons to satisfy their appetite, but not men because of barriers and restrictions in the world confining them to the circles they have committed to by birth and choice.  Because of their confinement they use neither the character nor the mind and they remain to be slaves or savages if mediocre or extremists.

Their circles make narrow their freedom and movement in everything; and unlike the birds they cannot move about freely and voice their views.  As the instruments of the circles they propagate and do the instructed ideas.  Losing their individuality, independence and originality they exist as nonentities.  Once characterless and mindless, they execute policies as ruthless ruffians and hence anxiety and excitement, tumult and turmoil will be the rule of the day.  What is the redemption when born, bred and left in such a situation?  Not religion or philosophy but art or Nature is ever the only redemption!

Nature is the living reality of art for everyone and art is the imitation or the illusion of nature.
So Nature, the living art can be the reliable teacher; in this friend, philosopher and guide man can have faith and live a lovely life in the world till the end of time.

The best things of Nature are freely available, but only if one has the eye to see and the ear to hear.  Once the wings are grown, the birds fly free and leave the parents; they search for the food, the suitable mates and lead a free life.  Indeed only they are non-attached, non-aligned and non-violent!

Nightingales and Skylarks

Among the birds, the nightingales and the skylarks are the best of Nature.  That does not mean the other birds are inferior and to be neglected here.  Like men in the world they are also specialized in various fields in Nature.

The screeching owl gives the warning of the coming danger.  The dancing peacocks foretell the oncoming rain to men.  The white doves symbolize hope and peace to everyone.  The green parrots forewarn the stranger’s arrival their masters; and likewise there are so many specialists for various jobs.

Yet the invisible voice of the singing Lark is sublime and mystical and the warbling notes of the Nightingale are echoing everywhere.  Their sublime songs fill the air like the endless eternal being invisible, mystical and mysterious like the all powerful God not for name or fame or position or possession but for peace and tranquility.  So, peace is the secret of their song to solve the malaise of mankind; and the inward peace the outcome of truth, love and joy outside comes out as the outward song of these wonderful birds there!

Despite limitations they practise music as to the phase of Nature; perhaps that gives a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction in life.  Men too despite barriers and circles’ restrictions can live so,
if they will to participate in the performance of the birds a while.  Slowly and surely the day will dawn and reveal the truth, when men will know to what, with what and why they are attached, aligned and violent to suffer sans sense. 

Only materially men have advanced imitating Nature. But spiritually they have not touched anything to know and enjoy freedom using either their character or mind.  So, men should break away from manmade barriers, restrictions and circles and see the world with a broad outlook from far above the frontiers and horizons.  That is the way out of the kicks and illusions of all the social institutions.  Like the nightingales and the skylarks only the yogis and cultured persons are here, who not blindly sink into the quagmire but dive deep into the ocean to swim and discover priceless treasures of truth and beauty, love, joy and peace for humanity.


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