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As an aggrieved citizen of this illustrious country I would like to raise some points close to my heart ( it is another thing that the doctors have diagnosed me with a weak palpitating heart). The palpitation increases, when I see the things around, somewhat messy, and in my humble opinion very very debilitating to the greater interests of this Nation.

Last year there was, many claim a people's movement against corruption (they call it graft). There was a lot of protests, fasting and dancing. Is that how we fight corruption? Those at the helm of affairs, that is corruption, neatly subverted it by raising anti slogans against the pro anti corruption supporters. Many of these lead campaigners were ex bureaucrats and spiritualists. Then we discovered that they had an axe to grind, and were only against the ruling dispensation (which is very corrupt, but not the ONLY corrupt). Now we find that at least two of them are allies of the BJP and the RSS who want a single nation with only one religion.

How do we dismantle history Mr Editor Sir, do we tell our other co-religious brethren, that they do not have a place in the tortured history of our nation? Do we say that the Taj Mahal was built by an ali en? Then, when violence took place in Assam against illegal immigrants, simply because they happen to profess a particular religion? Our Dal friends started a vitriolic tirade against them, not out of love for the people of North East India, but to incite the passion of hatred, against a particular religious community? Is that right Mr Editor Sir? What will our leaders answer? Do they want the North East to stay with us? I have my own doubts.

Now there is the coal gate scandal. Whenever this name comes up I think of colgate. But, colgate cleans, coalgate does not. In fact coal is black! And we have tarnished our image with coal, which we have sold (or bought?) for 33 million dollars. Please give me a calculator Mr Editor, my wobbly mind, is wobbling further... Now these are issues to which I don't have solutions. But I write these lines to you, knowing that you won't publish them. So please damn them in the archives of your memory and your newspaper!

Yours etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum...


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