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Not Troubling Me Any More

All these years I was secretly wishing to be famous through my scientific research and creating literary and spiritual texts.

I did write good articles in scientific research and literary and spiritual creation. I published 5 books too.

But I am nowhere near becoming famous. It has dawned on me that I may not become famous at all.

Instead of getting disappointed, I am feeling relieved. First reason can be I realized the impossibility of it. Secondly my age made me matured to be realistic. 

And my observations about many famous, popular personalities and celebrities and their travails of being famous have made me understand that the real success in life is to live a healthy and contented life with near and dear and share their experiences, pleasant and unpleasant.

Just writing something or be proficient in an art, field and contributing to research are not guarantee to be famous.

And now my not being famous is not troubling me.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Thank you so much Giti ji for your kind attention and encouraging words. I am delighted for your kind appreciation and affectionate observations.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
19-Dec-2020 09:29 AM

Comment Writing good articles and beautiful books may not guarantee name and fame. But if we define our limits to fame we can be more satisfied and happier than if we try to reach out boundless boundaries. Your name is well known among all your fellow poets and writers and has earned respect among all the readers and writers of the websites and journals where your writings feature. And I believe that creating a name for yourself among thousands of writers is quite an achievement! Congratulations!!!

Giti Tyagi
19-Dec-2020 02:57 AM

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