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The circle of human life has three cessation points or stages: childhood, youth and old age. Each stage has its own importance. Of these three phases of life, Young age plays a significant role in anybody’s life.

Youth can be described as the cascade of courage, enthusiasm, valour, experiment, quest, discoveries, learning, gaining, achieving, love, hate, hardness, rigidity, experiences, emotions, feelings and all the good and bad actions. It is a crucial period. Youth is the main plinth of a nation, developed or undeveloped, for a nation’s fate mostly depends on the actions done by its young bodies. Advent of young age is like the cadence to the poet because it doesn’t have a certain aim but more (because it is also such an age during which any young one gets enthralled towards the fantasy, romance and dreams) on which the resting part of any person’s life dances or moans on the rhythm and the tune set by a young one, in the same way when cadence comes there are so many words in a poet’s mind but a poem rests on his choice of words. This is the time for a person to prove himself or herself by showing his or her zeal of doing something. Put it simply, young age is like the rainbow that trigs the wide pristine sky of marvellous ambitions, prophecies and expectations with the sparkling beams of doing something rocking and stunning with their sensational ideas and thoughts.

Young age seems as the magic surface that wings to the flight of our golden dreams (to do something different or special or momentous) by encouraging so that it takes off and with its power our flight lands into the world of attained chief goal. Youth also symbolises enormous potentiality and strength. If this power is used in the positive way, it makes the coming life a paradise of honour and its use with negativity leads a life from bad to worst.

Tennyson’s poem Tithonus is a good example of the action done by its character in young age and becomes the sole cause of his misery.

During this prime time, a person gets the title of a black sheep or a man of parts according to what he or she deserves or does. In this way, youth is the season of destruction or construction, creation or production. During the young age a person fills his empty earn of memories with experiences with. Youth is the opportunity granted by God to everyone to show their qualities. The life is the pious river of action and nobody should keep idling their precious time, just simply sitting on its bank but always tries to be full of actions. Everybody in his youth should be an avid discoverer and aspirant and should struggle to achieve more lore again and again so that he or she can bring about a great and good change.

So young age is like a boon given for a little time and nobody can get it again: so one should have the eagerness and thirst as Lord Tennyson’s character Ulysses has: “I will drink life to the lees.”X X X X “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.” Though Ulysses aspires it for old age. But the youth of today should have the same dare and resolution. In short the youth is something that is like magical power, amazing deeds, an evocation of evolution in all sphere of natural and scientific life imbibed with spiritual incarnation that becomes the cause of genuine revolution.

(This article has also been published on online magazine Reflection W&R Mag, March 2015.)


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