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Silence can Never be Shared

There are lots of people in this world who just love analyzing the things. They can analyze anything. This anything consists of not only political incidents or current events but they are so efficient and intelligent that they can even analyze the melody of music, the love of a person, the beauty of someone or something.

I really wonder, rather I really have deep worry about such persons. Such kind of folks cannot feel or experience anything. They just go on putting anything and everything in the words.

There are so many experiences which are so subtle that cannot be even expressed or shared in words. How can you analyze the beauty of any Raga (the very base of Indian classical music)? Or how are you going to put the melody of any divine musical note into the words? Also do you think that the love of a person towards someone can be analyzed? Can the compassion of Buddha, Krishna, Sant Danyaneshwara towards the whole humanity be measured or analyzed?

I think even such a try is in vain and totally disgraceful. I just want to say here that don't just run behind the words and try to showcase your intelligence by expressing, by quoting everything. The life is not all about the words. Its about feeling and experiencing the moments of life.


More by :  Akshay Patil

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