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Democracy of Mobs and Pseudo Intellectualism

Democracy of Mobs When mass hysteria decides rather than wisdom and compassion in a society, such society will face many turmoils led by emotional people than intelligent, intellectual, wise and compassionate people. Intellectualism? and commonsense remain unused. The administration of affairs of nation and regions collapses. Culture and civilisation defined and dictated by bigots and fanatic people leads the society towards middle ages. Democracy of mobs is neither safe nor advisable.

The Menace of pseudo intellectualism in India "Supposed Fundamentalism" based on religion, only in relation to Hinduism and ancient Indian culture, is condemned left and right by leftist, rationalistic, atheistic and all kinds of self-styled, self-appointed self-aggrandizing, self-serving and self-promoting "intellectuals", sans commonsense or insight of various aspects of the respective issues, ideas, experiences and cultural and civilized authentication. Can there be a culture sans religion, language, region, ideology and like ingredients to social and socialogical life? But none of these "intellectuals" is daring and courageous enough to condemn equally menacingly the fundamentalism based on regional cultures or beliefs or imported ideologies or caste or language affiliations. Why so? So because this kind of "intellectuals" are not genuine but of pseudo type.

A genuine intellectual is sincere and just in his observations and utterances; not at all influenced by caste, region, ideology, language, political or other considerations. Personal likes or dislikes will not shadow or color the minds of just and sincere people and their understanding. Unfortunately today in India such humane and lovers of human-beings as a whole, are vociferously downed by the earlier mentioned pseudo intellectuals. The voice of seers who have welfare and well-being of all people, irrespective of their false identities; and are not narrow-minded as our pseudo type confined to a particular caste, region, religion, ideology or such inferior affiliations, is stifled by selfish pseudo intellectuals. If the voice of just, sincere and all-compassionate knowledgeable persons is subdued, undermined and rendered unheard by the noise generated by hollow and vain voices of negatively influencing pseudo and narrow-minded selfish small individuals, the future of such society or nation is neither bright nor promising.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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