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Its Okay and Thank You!

You are walking on a footpath, you were browsing on the internet that you accidentally stepped on somebodies feet. but as soon as you realized that you stopped looking at your phone and with a guilt, you look at that person and you say sorry. Very frankly. Unfortunately, that person felt so insulted, even after you said sorry and he said 'watch where you are going? gosh. My day is ruined. from which world are you coming from and so on' but not 2 words like ' its okay'. And he/she walks off. But you feel so disappointed. 

What I want to focus on that incident is why do people feel hard to forgive others for silly things. I bet everyone who is reading this might have had to encounter some situation like this and felt sad because the other person did not forgive us.

We live in a society where we will have to encounter with people one way or the other. To people we know, we talk freely. But to others, isn't it a right way to speak to them formally or at least pleasingly? Moral values are not something that can be inherited or taught, its something that we understand from a situation. There are highly educated people, people who are in a successful position like professors or doctors or lawyers or singers or even a businessman, but no one will tell good about unless you do good deeds or some extraordinary deeds. As the saying goes ' people will always remember how you made them feel' so if you could forgive people it would relieve not just the other person but you too. It will. Holding on to something for long gives us aches, so does this. Silly things must be forgiven. Take a pledge.

Next stop is that you are going to Trivandrum railway station and you booked a ticket to Kottayam. The officer gave you a ticket and unknowingly you said thank you. Throughout the journey, you were thinking why you said thank you. It did no harm but what is its relevance. You got the ticket and you did give the money for it. Then why a thank you.

I do really see that many other countries say thank you for all sorts of services. Indians generally do not say that but I can see that it is starting to develop. yes, we have given money for the service but that money is for the person, for his welfare but the 'thank you' is for the service. What if we wanted to board a train but there is no one to give us a ticket. His presence is as important as the money. We have to thank the service. Make it a habit. Gratitude has its own value and it will benefit us. Just like Rhonda Byrne said in her book The Magic - 'thank you is the bridge from where you are now to the life of your dreams'.

'Its okay', thank you', glad to help' and many many heartwarming words can be used in various situations. Use them and see the magic.


More by :  Swathi Prasad

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