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The Common Man Syndrome

and Black Money Tamasha

The common man syndrome of Indian politicians.

Every political party vouches for common man in India. Who is this common man? Who is responsible for his creation? How can these politicians eradicate the woos of common man? Promising and providing freebies and concessions? Reducing tariffs for them? Who will pay for the difference in actual cost and subsided cost?

Is it not the silent middle class which bears the payment of bills of common man and arrogance, extravogance and financial misdeeds of the "rich" and "super-rich"? And the widespread corruption and nepotism? Who will talk about this mddle class and think about their welfare and well-being?

India has enough political parties to promise for and take care of rich and poor. All their manifestoes and budgets are suited for these two Classes. Poor are rich with votes and rich are full of money to donate for election expenses: most of the times in black. When will middle class citizen be focus of Indian politician?

The syndrome of common man is reaping benefits to the political class and is legitimising their reckless promises and slogans. Garibi Hatao gave place to 20-point formula. Then followed a variety of welfare measures for the common man; the most peculiar fact being the common man remained common man all these decades and crores joined this class. But the politician became fat in all aspects by merely promising moon and never need fulfill his promise. Thus fooling all in the process.

Let all be taken care of; not just the poor and the rich.

Black money Tamasha

In 1965-66, then finance minister Mr. T. T. Krishnamaachaari announced voluntary disclosure of income scheme- VDI and payment of tax on ad hoc basis for the disclosed income. Later many more finance ministers announced such schemes; but amounts disclosed are peanuts. But governments did nothng further. Now we still have the menace of black money staring at us after crippling our economy all these decades increased to giant proportions. Now new finance minister gives another 6 months time for holders of black money to disclose. He does not say anything about the blaack money menace within India nd its relationsip with Indian political parties. He always talks about black money stashed in foreign bank accounts. He also feels that present laws are not sufficient enough to curb the menace of black money. Is it law inadequate or the commitment and dedication of politician to nab and curb black money generation and hording? Who is trying to fool whom?

No fresh lokpal law to arrest corruption and new law to nab and curb black money are necessary. We are already burdened with large number of laws which our politicians are refusing to use. The fresh laws also meet the same fate. Sincerity and commitment by politician is a must. Then existing laws are enough. Otherwise as many laws are there so many loopholes will be found and exploited by the offenders aided by their political fiends.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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