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Today morning I awakened refreshed. I was feeling great until the time I saw my clock. I realized I slept for more hours than my usual routine. I had less time and much to do.
I had to prepare lunch for my daughter, get her ready for the school and get myself ready for the work. My every minute was so precious that I have to spend each second with thoughtful work. I took deep breath just focused on priorities first and got ready to spend my precious time wisely.

I prepared cheese sandwich for my daughter's lunch box. Kept some veggies with dip. My daughter like veggie a lot. As a treat I kept Jello in the lunch box. After coming home she was so happy with the lunch that I prepared for her.

Got my daughter ready and realized her that today we are running short of time so she has to cooperate. Kids understands the situations well and they act accordingly. At age 5 and up they realize that they are responsible for their work.

My daughter was ready on time and my husband went down to drop her to the school bus. So far so good......spent my few time nicely and wisely.

Now comes the most time consuming part of my daily routine. That is to get ready for the work. Today was my presentation and I wanted to dress accordingly. At night I decided what will I wear and ironed it and kept it in my wardrobe. That worry was over. I kept the shower going for sometime because it takes few minutes for hot water to come, In between I took out my clothes and kept it handy. I took shower very quickly because shortage of time (Sometimes quick shower works out). In few minutes I was ready in my office attire. I combed my hair nicely I have long hair I usually put ponytail that gives clean and classic effect if done properly. I put some gel to fix flyaway ends and edges.

I am not a big fan of make up in the office. I always realize that light makeup is fine but if you are heavily loaded with the make up then it will give you adverse effect. For me properly groomed eyebrows with cleaned upper lips and decent hair style that gives you classic and decent look is a good way to carry you over your work place. Sometimes even a very light makeup with a goal to appear fresh works out very well in the office. Like by applying concealer (if needed) little foundation nicely blended with finger, natural color lipstick and finishing touch with a quick coat of mascara and very thin eye liner. This kind of make up give you healthy look and it does not show too much. It is on the lighter side and not on the flashy side. Well today I decided to put only quick coat of mascara and very light natural color lipstick. I was looking great ready to go to office for nice presentation.


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