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Regional Parties and their Parochial Postures

After the entry of Dravidian parties’ regime, Tamil Nadu is turning into parochial postures at the slightest provocation. Apart from being vociferous about not only the ‘greatness of the Tamil’ as a language and culture also exclusive to the so-called Tamils, in recent years, all the parties (un)successfully try to cash on the Srilankan Tamil issues. This time, the state has gone a step further because the agitations for Srilankan Tamils have touched even the IIT students and Techies who work for foreign companies.
The DMK party and its senior and seasoned leader known for his political acumen, chicanery, double tongue and shameless family politics this time has purposely creating a lot of noise in this particular angle. With the Lok Sabha elections in the near future, the octogenarian leader prefers to snap the ties with the Congress, the party which is in a way responsible for putting their ally DMK in a tight corner during the 2G Spectrum Scam involving the leader’s confidante A Raja and his daughter Kanimozhi; they were not spared and had to face the CBI enquiry.
Karunanidhi had the audacity to make his son Azhagiri as the central minister just by his authority over the coalition government. He had earlier been supportive of Dayanaidhi Maran, another family member of his clan who amassed wealth and given a lot of privileges to their television channel Sun TV.
Congress being weak and spineless all along was dancing to the tunes of this vicious political party’s whims and fancies all along. When Srilankan Tamils were in real trouble and on war in 2009, the same senior leader cared very little for their welfare and said that he ‘believed’ the words of Pa Chidambaram, who is the sole mediatior for him in Congress party.
Now, DMK leader creates as much trouble in the state and for the central government, He has once again taken the weapon of Srilankan issue to beat the center. Luckily, the central government today does not rely on his support and in the state he had absolutely no voice except in creating periodic troubles in the form of agitation and law and order problems. The similar views on Srilanka Issue of ruling AIADMK, MDMK, DMDK or PMK will draw least support from other states of this country. This issue assumes least importance in the elections and this has been proved already. By pressing on this issue, Tamil Nadu may likely to dissociate itself from the other states; it is already with logger heads with Karnataka on Cauvery water issue, and with Kerala on Mullai Periyar Dam matter and only AP is left. Srilanka is already their enemy. If this continues, Tamil Nadu can be separated from India and allowed them to be ruled by these innumerable parochial regional parties thinking that they can survive with enemies all around them.
But, what is most surprising is among this great noise by the regional parties and leaders, the really affected or said to be affected Srilankan Tamils do not appear in any TV show or meet any press either to express their plight or to profusely thank the Tamil Nadu party leaders and the agitating public for their cause.


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Comment TN people have contributed to India and International. But this does not mean they have to be Jewish and ask pound of flesh. Why so suddenly sympathetic to SL Tamilians. Is DMK taking revenge for Raja and Kani were being jailed, and Kani will be jailed again jailed perhaps, if it is, can Congress help them in this?

22-Mar-2013 05:45 AM

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