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Dress, Mobiles and God

I maybe god-fearing, but I may not be a law-abiding man; sometimes I may be compelled to flout traffic rules for that matter. To me, being god-fearing means I take god’s name out of fear of being attacked, fear of getting into troubles, fear of danger or wrath of gods. Besides merely 'god-fearing', I can be religious and submit myself to god via my daily prayers, even without asking wishes and reliefs. Even so, there is no guarantee that I obey the earthly social norms and mores. I think gone are the days when God’s norms and the social norms are one and the same.

Again, speaking for myself, God is a construct, objectively speaking. By default He stays on my conscience in myriad forms thanks to my fears, guilt, hopes, wishes, desires, greed, dedication, work, kindness, sympathy, charity, discipline, self-righteous nature, cleanliness, punctuality and what not. See, even a thief prays to God before he sets out on his nocturnal forays. So it dawned on me that being godly may not be same thing as being ethical or moral every time.

So the net result of 'Punya’ and ‘Paap’ (balance of virtuous deeds and bad deeds) remains outside my sphere of daily prayers. When I have no positive balance at credit in my karma account, I may have to borrow the Punya balances of other good souls. After all, is not the greatest good for the largest majority is based on the net outcome of total good deeds and abstinences from bad deeds by all people in a given community over a period? It may include what is carried forward from the previous births. Ironically, the good behavior of the general public manifested in a societal order is largely due to the laid down laws and the moral fiber in the given culture. This is besides of course the instinctive realization among the masses that what one gets is what he/she gives to others- a quid pro quo proposition. So, recognizing fellow citizens’ rights should be the basis of all our dealings to bring in a perfect order in the polity.

While being god fearing and also social, my ego sometimes acts up like the next guy. Then, I am told ego can be an asset and curse at the same time. So I start thrusting my opinions and psyche on the others as if it was my favorite pastime, an inescapable human trait. The above indulgences give me a psychological kick that is unmatched. Is not human development made possible by the tyranny of knowledge and enquiry besides conquests? Various inventions, discoveries, explosion of political/ moral thoughts and practices are but the outcomes of manipulations of mind and thought while taking along the society and religion – in other words, selling ideas, goods, cultures, good or bad. After all, what is right or wrong is proved after a lapse of time. Some are ridiculed for their bad ideas whatsoever misfired. Many others are eulogized for their 'radical' miracles, but seldom in lifetime.

All said, nothing in the history of our world is proved right or wrong in its own right. However, our thoughts and instincts have their own worth, if not now, I am sure they will have in due course. So let us be true to ourselves and go about our businesses and hold views as per conscience and give our best. In the end there is one important thing to highlight. My right to swing my arms ends just where the other man's nose begins. Finally, let everyone irrespective of their gender be allowed to pursue their own cultures, wear whatever dress they like, flash whatever legally permissible mobile for communication, except of course in the aircraft that are in flight.


More by :  Seshu Chamarty

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