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A Perfect Life ...

Last evening the discussion with one of my friends gave a lot of food for thought.
For some reason she was quite irritated and frustrated with her life! Thinking about
One of our common friends who had almost everything one could desire (or so it seemed!), she told me she wished she too could have a perfect life.

This sentence made me ponder as to what a 'perfect' life could mean?

My dear friend replied that if she had 'such and such' thing her life would be perfect'.

And I guess that is what we all think. Don't we? And when we attain 'that' we have a new 'such and such' thing that could make our life perfect!

In this cycle of attaining something we ignore our present and that too with no regrets!

How wonderful our lives could be if we realize that our life is NOT going to be perfect rather we would have to find perfection in what we have right now and truly start enjoying the moment rather than wanting it to be something else!

Life could be perfect if we start learning to love life while it is too hot outside; there is too much pollution in air or too many mosquitoes around'

There's something positive in every situation. The magic perhaps, is to identify it.

Lets try making best out of the worst. Let's not wait for life to be perfect and start celebrating the imperfection!   


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